10 Christmas Decorations to 3D Print


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10 Christmas Decorations to 3D Print

Why not 3D print something for your Christmas tree this year? Instead of shopping for decorations online or in-store you can easily 3D print your own unique Christmas decorations that will make your tree stand out from the crowd.

To help you pick what to print have prepared a list of 10 Christmas decoration ideas that you can easily 3D print in your home. All you need to do is download STL files, print the model and decorate your home.

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Santa Claus

3D Printed Santa Decoration

Santa is, of course, essential for Christmas and I personally enjoy decorating my house with plenty of Santa Claus figures. This is a model of Santa getting a bit stuck in a chimney, it’s an unfortunate hazard of his job!

This 3D model screams Christmas and is perfect for someone is a perfect talking point ornament that can brighten up any shelf or mantle. Having this 3D print in your house during Christmas will attract eyes and everyone will surely ask how you did it. This model was originally created by Dagoma.


Christmas Baubles

3D Printed Christmas Bauble

The Christmas tree bauble is, of course, the quintessential decoration. This is one of the best Christmas 3D prints that anyone can do if he/she is looking for something to decorate their Christmas tree.

This model is very easy to print even though it looks incredible and allows you to add a personal touch to your Christmas tree. These Baubles have a unique twisted design that you won’t find in the stores.

You can print them using almost any 3D printer and a slicer that has a continuous vase mode, like Cura. It would look great in an exotic filament like bronze or silk gold!


Tree-top Star

3D Printed Christmas Tree Star

Once you are done decorating the tree with ornaments you have to finish the tree with a star on top, so why not 3D print one!

You can very easily print this star using any filament but something fancy like a silk copper or gold would really make it stand out. This decoration is a very clean design and easy to print so it’s perfect for beginners as well.


Christmas Ornaments

Set of 3D Printed Decorations

If you can’t decide which ornaments to print for your Christmas tree, here is a set of six different ornaments that you can print and decorate your Christmas tree with. These ornaments are extremely stylish, unique, and will enhance the beauty of your Christmas tree. You can use a ribbon to hang them from the tree and I’m pretty sure that these will turn heads.



3D Printed Snowflake

Snowflakes are Christmas essentials, having 3D printed snowflakes to decorate your place this Christmas will surely be the nicest thing. These snowflakes are printed in sets, however, can be separated to create a single snowflake. These snowflakes have a highly detailed design which makes them stand out from other designs available online.


Christmas Snow Globe

3D Printed Snowglobe

Snow Globes are just as Christmassy as snowflakes and can be found in most homes during the Christmas period. This cool design ingeniously uses an empty Nutella jar as the glass element of the snow globe.

You can 3D print this small snowy village and then attach it to an empty Nutella jar Lastly, you can add glitter so that the snowy landscape looks sparkly.

Link: https://cults3d.com/fr/mod%C3%A8le-3d/maison/diy-snow-globe-in-a-nutella-jar

Christmas Reindeer

3D Printed Reindeer Card Decoration

Rudolph and his other reindeer buddies are another essential for your Christmas decorations. This a simple to print, flat 3D print, however, it assembles into a cool 3D model which manages to keep up with the Christmas vibes.

Once you are done with the 3D printing, you need to assemble each part. This is very easy to print and as it is flat you print it in no time at all so it’s great if you’re short on time!


The Nutcracker

3D Printed Nutcracker

Nutcracker, we all know this right? This 3D model is inspired by the movie “The Nutcracker Prince” that was released in the year 1990. Having a 3D printed nutcracker for your Christmas decoration this year will amp up your Holiday decorations and will surely take you back to your childhood days.

You can 3D print the file without any raft support. The nutcracker is a hefty 35 cm tall, or you could scale it in your slicer to the size of your choice.


Christmas Lights

Since we are looking at Christmas decorations, it is essential to include some Christmas lights on our list. This is a very simple yet very festive 3D printed light design that is perfect for Christmas.

These Christmas lights look like Santa Claus’s cap, some look like pixelated Christmas tree and others look like reindeer head. You need to make a small hole on each of these designs to be able to hang them.

3D Printed Christmas Lights


The Christmas City

This is one of the most impressive models you can 3D print for Christmas. This is a beautiful model and consists of beautiful snow-covered mountains, trains, and castles that look like a blue ice sculpture.

Having this model as your centerpiece will amp up your decoration to a huge extent. This model can be printed without any support and you can illuminate it using lights.

3D Printed Ice City



I hope this article has given you some ideas and inspired you to cover your house in 3D printed decorations this Holiday season!


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