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10 Gaming Terrain Models To 3D Print


In this article, I’m going to share some of the most impressive gaming terrain models that you can download and 3D print.

There are some very talented terrain designers out there who share their models online. I’ll show you which designers to look out for and where you can get their models from.

So, if you want to print your own gaming terrain, read on!

Tabletop gaming is one of the most popular games, and now many people are 3D printing their own figures and terrain to take their gaming to the next level.

You can print these models straight as they are or use them as inspiration to tweak or even create your own terrain from scratch.

How to 3D Print Gaming Miniatures

If you want to know what 3D printer you should get to print your own miniatures and terrain, check out my guide. I also have a guide to getting the most from your 3D printer with tips and recommended settings here.

10 Gaming Terrain models to 3D Print

I find it astounding the way people can construct entire cities. The creativity is just out of this world. When it comes to terrain, there is a wide range of themes to choose from. It could be a battlefield or a village.

Jukka Seppanen’s Watchtower

Forbidden Watchtower image


This watchtower is an excellent example of a gaming terrain piece that looks highly impressive, but isn’t that difficult to print. It has a lot of detail, such as the stonework base and brickwork walls.

OpenForge Cut-Stone OpenLOCK by Devon Jones

OpenForge Cut-Stone OpenLOCK Half Floors image


These floors have just the right amount of detail to give a realistic look while remaining simple to print. You’ll need to make sure your printer bed is nice and level to get a good flat top. The visible layers add a bit of texture, which helps make it appear to be made of stone. If you use a nice matt finish grey filament, you could get away without painting it.

Arian Croft’s Medieval House Kit

Z.O.D. Medieval House Kit (28mm/Heroic scale) image


This is a magnificent medieval house with window and door details in the standard 28mm scale. This model will suit a number of settings, so it is quite a versatile model to print.

Soren Ian Sorensen’s Dungeon Doors

Dungeon Doors image


These have the actual look of the dungeon doors. If you’re feeling brave, you could add a set of hinges and print the door and frame separately to make an openable door. It is solid proof of what a creative mind can accomplish with 3D printing.

Rampage Castle Trial Set BY Printable Scenery

Rampage Castle Trial Set image


The Rampage castle is one of my favorite terrain items to print. It has a variety of textures, including brickwork, roof tiles, and window frames that make it perfect for painting. Once painted, this model comes to life and looks great as part of any game.

Arian Croft’s Delving Décor Tavern Table

Delving Decor: Tavern Table (28mm/Heroic scale) image


This set is by my favorite miniature designer, ‘dutchmogul,’ and as ever he has delivered. This interior set can be used in any RPG game, and it another model that is simple to print but looks very effective.

Ryan Beaseker’s Wine Cellar Accessories

28mm Wine Cellar Accessories image


Add some middle-class vibes to your RPG session by adding your own wine cave to your setup. Be sure to keep it below room temperature so your Chateau Neuf de Pape can be enjoyed as it should.

Delving Décor by Arian Croft

Delving Decor: Inn Bed (28mm/Heroic scale) image


Every RPG character needs a place to rest his weary head. To me, this bed looks pretty uncomfortable, but if I’d just got back from a day of battling, I’d probably be happy with it.

This print comes to life with some painting, and its relatively simple shape makes it an excellent model to practices your mini making skills on.

OpenForge Tavern Bread Oven by Devon Jones

OpenForge Tavern Bread Oven image


Every village needs a baker, and every baker needs a bread oven. The baker has a lot of power, after all, what would you give for a delicious loaf of sourdough? Unfortunately, bakers get up at 4 am so after all their baking is done, they have little energy to make use of their powers.

You can bring this model to life by painting the inside of the oven to look like there’s a fire, and maybe add an LED for an even more realistic fire look.

Rampage System Tile Pack by Printable Scenery

Rampage System Tile Pack


This model is really quite simple but has been entirely brought to life by the realistic moss and plants that have been painted in.  


I hope this article has to whet your appetite for 3D printing some RPG terrain models. As you can see, there is a lot of variety in what you can print.

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