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10 Hairy Models To 3D Print


In this piece, I will walk you through ten of my favorite Hairy models to 3D print. So-called hairy models are a unique way to make an attractive finish by deviating away from traditional layer printing that you wouldn’t think possible on a 3D printer.

Hairy models are all about visual impact, whether it’s a realistic creature or a product of your twisted imagination!

Here are ten hairy models that you can download from Thingiverse and 3D print or use as inspiration for your own hairy prints.

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Hairy Lion by Primoz

Hairy Lion by Primoz

The Hairy Lion is the go-to hairy print. The lions main is a perfect example of what you can achieve.

As the name suggests, these are two hairy lions sitting next to each other. As you can see, it is a stunning model, and you have the freedom to decide on the size that suits you best.

Probably, you can make it two or three times bigger, depending on what you want. The printing duration depends on the size. 

The hairy lion designed by an artist known as Primoz. This model became popular for a long period of tune because of its outstanding aesthetic look.

The Hairy Asimov by Captobvious

The Hairy Asimov by Captobvious

This was designed way back in 2017. As you can see, it is a product imitation of a heavily bearded Isaac Asimov and his densely populated hairs. You decide on the size that you want to produce. It is a pretty beautiful work of art.


Hair Challenge Pig by Aalejandrovr24

Hair Challenge Pig by Aalejandrovr24

From a glance, you can see how hair this piece is. It was a 2017 design, and you have the freedom to decide on the color that interests you.

The plan was to design something that looked like a pig with many hairs. It was to have the look of a floppy-haired porcupine somehow. With an excellent 3D printer, it is possible to produce it with even more delicate hairs.


Hairy Vase by jdegenstein

Hairy Vase by jdegenstein

This is a design by Jdegenstein, and it comes in the form of a flower vase. You also enjoy the freedom to dictate the color you want. It is quite a beautiful piece.

As you can see from the image below, this is a beautiful flower vase with an interesting texture.

This hairy texture gives it a completely unique look as if it has been threaded with cotton. The twists in hairs make it even more beautiful.


Hairy Head

As you can, these were done using a top-notch 3D printer. The hairs provide an aesthetic appeal, and they can be developed in a wide range of sizes and textures. Why not scan your own head, or use Blender to model a friend!


Hairy Carl Sagan by CaptObvious

Hairy Carl Sagan by CaptObvious

This is a well-known piece that sparks interest and curiosity. People may see it differently in terms of its aesthetic value. However, what matters is its capacity to grasp interest and attention.

Carl Sagan has the perfect hair texture to be modeled by a 3D printer, and if that isn’t a compliment, I don’t know what is!


Hairy Robotica by Djer

Hairy Robotica by Djer

This has the look of a robot and also one of the most beautiful works of top-quality 3D printers. The hairy aspect is clear to see on the head surface, and this is also a well-done piece.


Sully by Gunnar86

Sully by Gunnar86

This is also a great piece though a few changes can be made in terms of trimming the hairs. You can print any of your favorite hairy Pixar characters.


Super Flowers by Peetersm

Super Flowers by Peetersm

These are flower designs of outstanding beauty. The wide-ranging colors and the hairy designs make these 3D products quite beautiful in a weird way. This model highlights how the technique of ‘hairy’ 3D printing can be used to create other interesting textures with a few parameter tweaks.


Hairy Gyro

The hairy Gyro is a unique toy featuring three hairy rings.

As you will see from the picture, this item has some three rings that give it its high aesthetic value. Just like the rest of the designs, you can also decide the color that you want.


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