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10 Lego Models to 3D Print


3D printing and Lego are a match made in heaven! Both give you the freedom to design whatever your imagination and skills allow you, so combining the two makes perfect sense. There are lots of different ways to make use of 3D printing in the world of Lego, from replacing lost pieces to creating new ones that don’t exist. 3D printing is also great at allowing you to create parts that allow you to combine Lego with other technologies, such as Meccano or Arduino.

You can read more about 3D printing Lego in my complete guide here.

10 Lego Models to 3D Print

Customizable Lego Ring

lego ring


This is a piece by howardmg. This is really just a decorative piece, but why not show off your love for all things Lego with a bit of customizable bling. These Lego rings have the standard Lego fittings so you can add whatever brick or minifig you like to your ring.

LEGO Basic Bricks

lego brick


My first choice has to be the classic Lego building block! This beautiful collection was developed by waldamore. However, it is important to mention that if you want your 3D printed bricks to snap nicely to your existing Lego, then you’ll need to make sure your printer is well calibrated, so the blocks turn out exactly the right size.

Lego Technic Pin and Axle Connector

pin axle


This is a piece by Shusy which showcases just how easy it is for you to create customized pieces to solve your unique Lego build problem.  

Case for CHIP and LiPo Battery

lego chip case


This design is a case for Next Thing Co’s CHIP computer, also known as the $9 computer. It has cooling ventilation built-in and space for a suitable LiPo battery. You can use this design to incorporate the CHIP computer into your Lego designs.  

Lego Water Pipe Building Set


Have you been dreaming about setting up your water park? This is a piece by a designer known as thinkpool and is part of a kit of pieces that allows your Lego to form tubes and have water flow through it. Nothing is impossible with 3D printing! Proper connection of the parts is important to avoid leaks. With this system, you could build cars or other machines that are powered by water pressure!

“12 Thumbs” R/C LEGO Dragster


This is a bit of an epic project, but this Instructables guide shows you how to print and assemble a fully functional radio-controlled Lego Dragster!

Just like the other 3D printed projects, this one is customizable as well. This project is great at showcasing what is achievable with 3D printing.

Rubber Band Caterpillar Tracks


This is a great Lego piece designed by paulgarcia. If you have a flexible filament like TPU or TPE, then you can print your own flexible caterpillar tracks that fit perfectly onto the bespoke pulley wheels.

2BYJ-48 Stepper Motor to LEGO Axle


This is a great piece by laszewski. It’s the perfect example of how you can use 3D printing to marry Lego with other items. In this case, the adaptor allows you to connect a standard Lego axle to a stepper motor so you can incorporate the power and control of the stepper motor into your Lego designs.

2X1 Adjustable Lego-like Brick


The developer of this design is jcoehoorn. Although it looks like a straightforward copy of a Lego brick, the purpose of this brick is for the design to evolve away from the Lego pattern, to be more optimized for 3D printing. Removing features that make it harder to print accurately while leaving everything that makes it compatible and appears like a standard Lego piece.


Thank you for reading to the end! I hope you have learned a lot about what you can accomplish using 3D printing and Lego. As you can see, there are plenty of great designs available that combine both Lego and 3D printing. With both technologies giving you the freedom to create, the possibilities are endless!


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