10 Puzzles to 3D Print


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10 Brainteasing Puzzles to 3D Print

Labyrinth Box

Labyrinth Gift Box - Thingiverse sneakypoo
Labyrinth Gift Box – Thingiverse sneakypoo

The Labyrinth Box is basically a two-part print. One of the parts is a maze which is also known as a labyrinth carved on its surface. The other part is the cap which comes with a pin. The cap goes on top of the labyrinth. The moment you start removing the cap, the pin starts getting directed by the carvings. To separate both the pieces, you have to make the pin follow the maze in the correct direction. If you can’t solve the maze, you can’t open the box! 


Puzzle Business card

Business cards are an essential part of networking, so why not stand out from the crowd and make an instant impression with a unique 3D printed business card? On Thingiverse, you will find various business card designs to 3D print. My favorite is a card at first but when you assemble becomes a Velociraptor skeleton. 


Multicolor Cube

Puzzle Cube - Thingiverse WildRoseBuilds
Puzzle Cube – Thingiverse WildRoseBuilds

Just like Rubik cubes, multicolor cubes are also very popular. You basically need to 3D print three identical looking pieces. Once you have printed these pieces, you slide them into one another to form a perfect cube. This can be a very good toy for your kid. 


Puzzle Revolver

Revolving Puzzle - Thingiverse muzz64
Revolving Puzzle – Thingiverse muzz64

If you are looking for a puzzle challenge for yourself or for your kid, this one is perfect for you. It follows the Rubik’s cube mechanism and you need to align colors and shapes in a single line. However, there is a catch and it is that you have only one empty space which also means that you need to plan ahead.


Puzzle Bear

Puzzle Bear - Thingiverse emancarrillo
Puzzle Bear – Thingiverse emancarrillo

By now you must have understood that puzzles are perfect as a gift for your kid. Here is another option for your kid – a puzzle bear. The goal here is to assemble all pieces to build a bear.


 Magic pencil

Here is a puzzle but will surely leave people puzzled. You need to slide in a pencil into the three-piece model and remove the middle part which will break the pencil into three parts. Next, you need to push the middle portion of the model back into its place and the pencil becomes whole again! A classic magic trick.


The Gear Box

Gear Cube - Thingiverse emmett
Gear Cube – Thingiverse emmett

This particular puzzle consists of many gears which when shaped forms a cube. The puzzle comes with 4 large and small gears and 8 pins. You can easily assemble every piece very easily and can be printed very easily while it looks very impressive. 


3D Frog Dissection Tool

Frog Dissection Toolkit - Thingiverse MakerBot
Frog Dissection Toolkit – Thingiverse MakerBot

This particular 3D printed model can be very useful for teens in school, it will help children understand the anatomy of a frog. The model comes with an individual organ piece that fits perfectly inside the frog-like puzzle. It can be perfect for teens aged 12-15 years. It also comes with a template that helps a student understand the anatomy better.


Japanese Box Puzzle

Japanese Puzzle Box - Thingiverse dob71
Japanese Puzzle Box – Thingiverse dob71

You will find many boxes that require a special procedure to open them. A Japanese box is one such kind of box. Opening the box involves ten steps. However, make sure that you check the settings on your 3D printer to ensure that the bridging is done smoothly.


Jigsaw Constructor

Jigsaw Constructor - Thingiverse ArchitectureKIT
Jigsaw Constructor – Thingiverse ArchitectureKIT

According to the creator of this particular 3D model, it is a modular kit for constructing buildings in the style of jigsaw puzzles. The entire kit comes with various pieces that slide into each other easily. With this model, you can create any kind of building or tower with no limit to its size or shape.


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