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3D Printing Lithophanes


This article will explore an interesting idea in 3D printing – Lithophanes.

Lithophanes were traditionally painstakingly hand-made from thin translucent porcelain, but now they can be effortlessly created using 3D printing.

Lithophanes are embossed photos generated by a 3D printer. They are a very simple way to create stunning family portraits, which can be given as gifts to family members. Lithophanes transform your photos into a striking 3D object.

Lithophanes are molded photos generated by 3D printers that require a backlight or light source to view the details. When you shine a light at the back of the photo, some of it gets blocked by the thick parts, whereas the rest passes through illuminating the photo’s details.

Using the right software, it is a simple undertaking that requires you to click on the load actions and then proceed to the file named “make lithophane.” To create a lithophane, you need to create an STL file, which is a flattened but 3D version of your photo. The 3D printer then takes the STL file and creates a lithophane from it. When it is printed, it looks unremarkable until it is backlit, at which point a 3D image is miraculously revealed.

10 Lithophanes to 3D Print

Here are ten examples of lithophanes that you can 3D print. Use them as inspiration for your own lithophane ideas.

Lights, Lithophanes & Landscapes

This remarkable artwork is by Beth Lewis dating back to 2014. To realize their beauty, you will require some LED lighting controls. These lights give a relaxing and romantic feel. They also highlight the various aesthetic, social, and environmental landscapes. This creation showcases a wide range of captivating sculptural images.

Beth Lewis Lithophane


Country N More Gifts Lithophane

As you can see from the image below, the lighting is regulated to provide an outstanding view. You have the freedom to choose the design and size that impresses you the most. A bigger size means using more filament and more time, so consider these factors at the start.

Country N More Gifts outstanding Lithophane


Cylindrical Lithophane by Jamie Wilson

You can look at the demos of these cylindrical lithophanes in the link below. The 3D printer you use needs to be of the highest quality and specifications to create these cylindrical lithophanes. It is, therefore, worth investing your money in a top-end 3D printer to get stunning results like Jamie Wilson’s creations. Also, ensure that you are following the steps accurately to achieve the finest results.

cylindrical lithophane by Jamie Wilson


Jorgensen’s Lithophanes

As you can see, this is a remarkable piece. The 3D printing processes employed, and the results achieved is very impressive. The transmission of light and nature of the material used are critical factors in the outcome of the lithophane. It can be printed in various sizes to suit your preference.

Jorgensen's Lithophanes
Jorgensen's Lithophanes


Jungseo Park’s Portrait

The role of high-quality 3D printers can’t be underestimated, as demonstrated by this stunning lithophane. Proper illumination is a significant factor in Jungeo’s lithophane. You can experiment with different aspects such as light and the thickness of the printing material, to achieve your desired result.

Jungseo Park's potrait


Lightbox by tjwittkop

Interestingly, there are a number of modifications that you can make in 3D printing to make the most beautiful and extraordinary products. Tjwittkop’s lithophane shows the impressive results that can be achieved through 3D printing. Such an image, in most cases, is obtained when you conduct the printing exercise at the edge of the printer. Correct illumination is a significant factor when creating a similar effect to this lightbox.

light box by tjwittkop


Micheal’s Lithophanes

These are outstanding pieces, as you can see in the image below. Light plays an essential role in achieving the remarkable effect that you see below. You can create Lithophanes as a hobby like Michael does, or even create a business making timeless gifts for others. One thing you will come to realize is that there are no limits to what you can create. You can literally create absolutely anything you want.

Michael Aimino’s Lithophanes


Stephanie Osser’s Porcelain Lithophanes

The backlighting is a vital aspect of witnessing the beauty associated with this remarkable piece. The incredible 3D view gives this piece a magical feel, and the light adds an extra bit of sparkle.

stephanie Osser's Porcelain Lithophanes


Beth Lewis Lithophane Lights

These delightful lights are another example of the wonders of 3D printing. All you require is properly regulated backlighting to create a captivating effect in your home. You will end up creating very special memories and moments. This is the magic of 3D printing.

Beth Lewis Lithophane lights


Limmy Jimmy Lithophanes

This excellent piece by Limmy Jimmy is at its best when correctly illuminated because this is how the outstanding features are highlighted. Select the best 3D printer to develop something remarkable, like Jimmy.

Limmy Jimmy Lithophanes


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