Best 3D Pen Books of Stencils and Projects

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Get The Most From Your 3D Pen With a Book Of Stencils, Patterns or Complete Projects

3D pens are great creative tools but just like most hobbies sometimes you need a little push to get your creativity flowing.

These 3D Pen books give you examples, patterns, and models to try with your 3D pen.

Some books offer simple stencils that you trace over with your 3D pen. While others offer complete projects to follow that teach you everything about 3D pens, from the basics techniques, through to using different materials.

Whatever your skill level, you’ll learn something from each of these books and create some cool models along the way.

3Doodler “What Will You Create?” Project Book

Although this book is written by 3Doodler, you don’t have to own a 3Doodler pen to create its projects, any 3D pen will do.

The book starts with a bootcamp that teaches you the essentials of using your 3D pen before moving on to the project section.

There are twenty-six projects that you can follow including a butterfly, a tree, tracing a photo, a dinosaur, a vase, and an airplane. As well as some good seasonal projects like Christmas Baubles, Thanksgiving Turkey, a Hanukkah Dreidel and a Halloween pumpkin.

They are arranged in order of difficulty, so you can improve your 3D pen skills as you go along.

There aren’t detailed instructions for the projects, instead there are stencils and images that you use as guides.

This is more of a book of ideas that pushes you to learn by doing, rather than having step by step instructions for every detail.

If you’re new to 3D pens then this is provides a good start, and gives you a great idea of what’s possible with your 3D pen.

It’s also a great companion to the 3Doodler Create 3D pen as it shows you how to take advantage of the pens different nozzles and materials like ABS and flexible filament.

3D Pen Jewelry: 20+ Modern Projects to Make

This book surprised me by opening my eyes to just what is possible with a 3D pen.

The designs featured in the book are deceptively simple and so quite easy for you to achieve, but the end results are pieces of jewelry that you would be very proud to wear.

If you follow the guidelines in 3D Pen Jewelry you can create stunning looking jewelry pieces that no one would ever guess had been made on your kitchen table.

The book starts by taking you through numerous tips of how to make use of clasps and chains so you can incorporate them into your new designs. As well as some handy tips on what can go wrong with your 3D pen and how to fix common problems.

It then moves on to examples that you can follow. Each design has easy to follow instructions and full size templates that you can trace over.

Some of my favorite projects from the book are the heartbeat bracelet, crescent moon pendant, and the horoscope pendant.

Each of these are simple designs that are currently trending, but they allow you enough freedom to put in your own creativity.

3D Pen Jewelry is a great buy for any girl from about 10 years and up.

Once the 20 projects in the book are completed, it will inspire you with enough creativity to create many more jewelry designs on your own.

Riotech 3D Pen Stencils for Children

This book contains 40 fun stencils that are ideal for a younger child. The stencils are large, each one spread over an A4 (8″ x 11.5″) page.

The stencils are mainly of animals and birds, from a butterfly to a panda, with some other objects thrown in such as a house, a sailing boat and a palace.

A PVC sheet is included that you can place over the paper page, allowing you to see the stencil underneath to trace over with your 3D pen but without damaging or sticking to the paper page.

This means you can use the stencils over and over again without tracing them onto separate paper which makes it ideal for siblings or friends to share.

Each stencil is made up of multiple elements that allow you to experiment with different colors and textures so you can create quite detailed 3D models.

This book of stencils is a great buy for younger kids from about age 6 upwards.

Glyby Design Paper Mold for 3D Printing Pen

This book contains 20 different color stencils printed on a high quality thick glossy paper.

The stencils include an Eiffel tower, Spongebob, airplane, guitar, camera, and Wall-E robot. Enough for most kids to find something that appeals to them.

Each of the stencils is clear, bold, and colorful so will appeal to younger children from about 6 upwards.

There are no instructions in the book, just stencils with numbers telling you if more than one is required to complete the 3D structure.

This means younger kids will need some help understanding how to assemble the parts into a finished 3D model, but older kids or those used to doing crafts will be able to work it out.

All kids will find this book engaging and fun as a good introduction to 3D pens, before they move on to something a little more complicated.


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