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Best 3D Printing YouTube Channels


YouTube is one of the best places to learn a new skill, and 3D printing is no exception. There is an ever-growing list of channels about 3D printing, from teenagers in their bedrooms to industry professionals with rooms full of printers. So, which are the best channels and which YouTubers should you be paying attention to?

In this article, I’ll introduce you to my favorite 3D printing YouTubers, and I’ll give you a link to each of their most popular videos so you can get an instant taste of what they have to offer.

I guarantee you that you will enjoy watching smart people giving demonstrations of everything that 3D printing has to offer.


This is a top-end channel targeted at simplifying complicated engineering ideas for you. The visual and hands-on aids make it a favorite channel for amateurs and professionals as well.  It is about empowering you to accomplish different 3D printing tasks on a step by step basis. The hands-on approach helps you grasp the different techniques more quickly, so you become an expert too.

The projects here range from 3D printing technology, laser, Arduino, and CNC milling. Another thing you will like about the channel is the Maker Faire events conducted in the different parts around the globe.

Link to the channel:

Link to the most popular video: Spider Rifle

I Like to Make Stuff

The host of this channel is Bob Clagett, and you will no doubt like the way he teaches 3D printing and much more. He focuses on several manufacturing techniques to come up with incredible projects. Are you interested in 3D printing, the casting of patterns, or Arduino? Bob combines all these and more to enlighten you on many things you may not know about 3D printing.  Some of his projects include arcade cabinets, pudding guns, snack machines, and much more!

Link to the channel:

Link to the most popular video: How to make a secret door/bookcase

Barnacules Nerdgasm

The face behind this leading channel is Jerry Bergh, and he has an outstanding personality that shines out whenever he starts speaking! He has a lot to teach you about his 3D printed stormtrooper outfit. Asides from that, there are also weight loss lessons and much more. His great sense of humor will take you away as you learn a lot about 3D printing technology.

Link to channel:

Link to most popular video: Best Gaming Room Tour


James Bruton is the big name behind this channel, and he takes you on a journey of discovery to learn about cosplay costumes and robots. Are you one of those people seeking to succeed in 3D printing your own cosplay and props? This is the channel to visit to benefit a great deal from your 3D printer and other printing resources.

Link to the channel:

Link to the most popular video: How to build an ironman helmet and suit

Punished Props

Uniquely on this list, this is a channel by a couple, Bill and Brittany Doran. They do an outstanding job educating you on ways to develop remarkable props from wide-ranging video games, movies, and leading TV shows. You will learn about giving your printed items a realistic, worn finish like pro movie props. And the long and short of it is about making you an expert in 3D printing and model making.

Link to the channel:

Link to the most popular video: Destiny Hand Cannon Foam Prop

Make Anything

Devin Montes is the host of this leading channel. He does a remarkable job teaching you about the most creative 3D printing ideas. Whatever it is you want to learn, Devin has covered it. Do you want to learn about how to fix warped PLA prints, or rather is it about printing hair clippers? He is one of the few hosts known to teach about almost anything you wish to develop using 3D printing technology.

There are also other things that you are sure to learn. These include the creation of optical print illusions, integration of virtual reality into 3D printed units, and upgrading your 3D printer.

Link to the channel:

Link to the most popular video: Ambiguous Cylinder illusion

Maker’s Muse

If you’re looking to solve a 3D printing problem or improve the quality of your prints, then Angus Deveson does an outstanding job teaching you all areas of 3D printing, whether it’s the 3D printer, software, or a scanner.

You will also like his elaborate reviews, which are unbiased. This host is an expert in additive manufacturing and is here to help you learn. He takes you through a learning experience that enlightens you on ways to optimize your 3D printing activities. Spend your time in this channel to learn about the preparation of CAD, printing process, and slicing.

Link to the channel:

Link to the most popular video: The Geneva Mechanism


Simon Sörensen is the host of this channel, and he focuses on answering all your burning questions on 3D printing. He is known for projects such as 3D printed t-shirt designs and Rick & Morty props.

Sörensen targets giving you a fun experience while at the same time serving you with educational content. He avails some great 3D printer reviews to achieve this objective. This professional targets younger people and fun-loving personalities eager to undertake some good 3D printing projects.

Link to the channel:

Link to the most popular video: Awesome 3D Printed Wolverine Glove

Sexy Cyborg

Naomi Wu is the host of this channel. Some people joke about her large number of subscribers linking that to her appearance. You need to know that much more lies under her looks, but you will only discover that after watching one of her videos. I took my time to watch this channel, and I was taken aback to learn about her intelligence, creativity, endearing personality, and eagerness to learn. Wu perfectly demonstrates what is possible with 3D printers when you apply a bit of creativity.  

Many people will find this channel exciting and educational, as it is an excellent opportunity to get to learn from a talented maker from China.

Link to the channel:

Link to the most popular video:  Xiaomi Mijia 360º Panorama- Day 1 Test Footage

3D Printing Nerd

This is the last channel we are focusing on, and it is by Joel Telling, who proclaims that he is indeed a nerd! This happens to be one of the best YouTube Channels that you can watch to learn about 3D printing. Telling is a professional that believes in the delivery of leading educational content to all people watching his channel.

However, the suitability of the content that he provides matches you depending on your needs. In this case, this host is more inclined to help you develop products and also to educate you on some essential points about 3D printing technology.

Are you interested in 3D models that are fun and suitable for your family? Or is it about some elaborate 3D printer reviews that enlighten you on everything that you need to know? You are without a doubt in the right place because 3D Printing Nerd offers that and even much more!

The first time I watched this channel, I was amazed by his use of humor and the great passion he showcased. He makes 3D printing technology seem so easy, and he successfully carries that through all his episodes.

Link to the channel:

Link to the most popular video:  3D Printing The World’s Largest Hairy Lion


Thanks for reading to the end, and I hope it has been an educating and fun experience. I will continue to update this list as I found more YouTube channels worth watching. For now, there’s more than enough good quality content out there to get you up to speed with 3D printing and approaching creative making from all angles.


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