What is the Best Wax 3D Printer?


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What is the Best Wax 3D Printer?

One of the best things about 3D printing is the broad range of materials you can use, with the most popular options being metal, resin, and plastic. However, these two aren’t the only material options available at your disposal. You can also use wax for additive manufacturing, and this might look quite strange due to the weird properties that might make it appear as not a great 3D printing material. 

These properties include wax being easily moldable by even placing the slightest pressure, not quickly hardening to a desired shape, and always being changeable. But despite all this, you’ll be surprised to know that wax filaments and materials are a great choice as they allow you to create molds to cast other materials such as lead, tin, brass. This will enable you to make intricate objects such as jewelry, crafts, and art pieces.

All that you need to 3D print wax is a 3D printer that can cope with the unique properties of wax material. 

Here’s a detailed guide on the best wax 3D printers that guarantee the subsequent 3D prints are of exceptional quality. 

What Are the Best 3D Printers for Printing With Wax?

Whereas many CAN 3D printers are modified to use wax, those specialized to use wax offer the best results. Here are the five wax 3D printers that you should prioritize getting when you want to achieve optimal results. 

Sindoh 3DWOX 1 Wax 3D Printer 

This wax 3D printer features a printing space of 210mm by 200mm by 195mm, which is much bigger than other modes, hence its expensive price tag. However, if you’re a semi-professional or avid 3D printer user looking to print huge products, this is the product for you. 

The Sindoh 3D printer features a 5-inch LCD screen that’s full-color touch and with user-friendly instructions. You can use it with a broad range of connectivity options, including Wi-Fi, USB cable, and USB flash drive. It also incorporates an internal monitoring camera that’s very useful for remote monitoring using your smartphone, laptop, or PC. 

This internal monitoring makes this 3D printer very easy to use, even if you’re perfecting your 3D printing skills. All you need to do is to install the 3DWOX app on your tablet or smartphone, and you’ll be able to monitor the 3D printing progress in the comfort of your living room. 


  • It’s very user-friendly because it’s easy to use. 
  • The build quality of this 3D printer is outstanding. 
  • The 3D prints are of excellent quality. 
  • Slicing software is simple to use. 
  • It includes a big touch screen. 


  • The company doesn’t offer you tech support. 

ELGOO Mars 2 UV 3D Printer 

This is an SLA-based 3D printer designed to be used with resin materials such as wax-based filaments. Integrated into this 3D printer is a 3.5-inch touch screen that features the newest ELGOO CHITUBOX 5.5 system, making it extremely simple to use when carrying out off-line 3D printing. It also comes with a steel ball balancing structure inside its build platform that enables you to begin the printing in less than five minutes after you’ve finished its assembly. 

With this 3D printer, you’re guaranteed superb printing resolution thanks to the XY axis resolution and 2560 by 1440 2K HD masking LCD. It uses ELGOO resin and features 40W UV lights that allow the subsequent 3D printed material to be of excellent quality. A computer board is integrated into its design that will enable you to print straight from your USB, meaning you don’t always have your laptop when using it.  


  • The 3D prints produced by this wax 3D printer are detailed and have excellent resolution.   
  • Using this 3D printer is easy and straightforward. 
  • It provides you with remarkable value. 
  • The tech support is always available to offer assistance. 
  • It’s fairly a low-maintenance printer. 


  • It isn’t as fast hence less efficient. 
  • It produces a not-so-appealing smell and quite messy. 

Peopoly Moai

If you’re searching for a wax 3D printer that won’t put a strain on your budget, look no further because the Peopoly Moai is the perfect pick. Whereas this 3D printer’s low price might make it appear too good to be true, it is a great choice that ensures all the 3D prints are of remarkable quality. It’s for this reason that many people involved in jewelry making in the 3D printing industry opt to use this printer: 

Peopoly Moai is an SLA-based 3D printer rather than a multi-jetting and this in part explains why it’s very affordable. It incorporates a modified version of the Cura software, enabling you to change between various layer heights. As a result, you can effortlessly achieve heights of 25 microns with exact precision with this 3D printer without compromising the print’s quality. 

Setting up this wax 3D printer is also easy and straightforward, which further raises its appeal as a great pick, especially if you’re still new in the world of additive manufacturing. Its buildup is also easy to use, and you get a physical sheet to use when doing calibrations. 


  • You get detailed support and build guide material to prevent confusion when setting it up and using it. 
  • It comes in a robust and dependable build design. 
  • The 3D prints are of superb quality and aesthetically pleasing. 
  • You can use third-party resins when using this 3D printer. 


  • It’s quite hard to reach this 3D printer’s bed. 
  • The printing process is messy due to the unavailability of official gear to make the entire process simple and less complicated. 

Anycubic Photon S Wax 3D Printer 

This is also another pocket-friendly wax 3D printer that does a superb job printing high-quality 3D prints. It has a print size of 115 by 155 by 65 mm3, and this SLA liquid 3D printer builds the 3D object from an immersion bath rather than melting together the dry filament. While its print space is relatively limited, this 3D printer still has more than enough space; you need to design different types of jewelry, including bracelets and rings. 

Another advantage of this wax 3D printer is that you use it to build a robust 3D model that’s temperature-resistant, and it can process resin too. But even with the excellent value you get with this machine; it doesn’t come with everything needed to ensure successful 3D printing. Other than this, you shouldn’t expect to encounter a lot of downsides with this machine because it is easy to set up and use.  


  • It’s constructed using exceptional quality CNC parts that are robust and of superb quality. 
  • It can be used at print speeds of up to 20 to 30 mm/h making it a very efficient 3D printer. 
  • It’s very user-friendly because it’s easy to set up and use. 
  • It guarantees exceptional precision unnoticeable to the naked eye. 


  • The tech support isn’t constructive. 

Solidscape S300 Series

There are three models made by Solidscape that qualify as one of the best wax 3D printers under the 300 Series, and these are the S350, S270, and the S390. The designers and engineers of each of these 3D printers put in lots of work to ensure they feature dissolvable parts. These are crucial since they make setting up this 3D printer straightforward, which is more than ideal, especially for novice 3D enthusiasts. 

All these models are very efficient when making jewelry, but the S370 and S350 stand out as the best picks. The reason for this because both these models lack post-processing: 

When using this 3D printer, you can be sure that the quality of the 3D prints is of excellent quality. This means your creativity isn’t limited to designing prints that, in reality, would be otherwise impossible to create. In addition, this wax 3D printer is manufactured and designed properly in terms of its delivery system and functionality. 

Another appealing aspect of the Solidscape 3D printers is that they feature in-built software. This means you don’t need to get external software and use it with this machine, which helps improve this machine’s overall ease of use. CAD files can also be scaled using this software. 


  • This 3D printer is easy to hand and can be operated with a single touch. 
  • The 3D prints made are of superb quality. 
  • Solidscape 3D printers are very efficient and make prints very fast. 
  • The designs of the 3D prints are very accurate and precise. 


  • These 3D printers are incompatible with MAC OS. 

What to Look For When Choosing A 3D Printer For Wax

Deciding which wax 3D printer to buy can be confusing. But to help you out with the problem, you can implement several useful tips that will be very helpful in knowing which one best meets your needs. The various factors you need to consider include; 

The Printer’s Capacity 

Different wax 3D printers have different production capacities since the breadth of the parts they can make differs from one model to another. But to make an informed decision on the ideal printer capacity, you need to factor in the objects you’re looking to print. Doing this is vital since there’s a big gap between 3D printed parts meant for industrial use and those meant for personal use. 

Once you know the printer’s intended purpose, you’ll be better placed to choose a wax 3D printer that best suits your needs. 

Brand Reputation 

Many manufacturers specialize in making wax 3D printers, making it quite difficult to decide which model will offer you the best value. To get further insights into how reliable a manufacturer is, you need to due diligence and determine whether their products are of great quality. 

You can do this by reading the customer reviews on the 3D printers and reading 3D comparison reviews. By doing this, you’ll be able to determine which is the best wax 3D printer to buy. 

Print Speed 

The print speed from file to finished 3D object varies from one wax 3D printer to another. Therefore, you should always consider the print speed, build preparation, needed post-processing duration, and finish time needed before deciding on the 3D printer to buy. 

What Is the Wax Used For In 3D Printing? 

The use of wax in 3D printing is advised because it allows for the creation of precise 3D objects from a 3D file. All this is possible because of the 3D lost wax casting system, a unique production process. 

Thanks to this casting technique, it’s possible to create personalized jewelry of superb quality. In addition, the 3D lost wax casting method enables you to create complex 3D designs using different printer materials, including metals. These unique attributes of wax that have made its use in 3D printing become a lot more prevalent. 

Pros and Cons Of 3D Printing Wax 

Pros of 3D Printing Wax

  • No Need For Added Support Material: Wax is very light and has a low density and doesn’t need support for added stability. Because you don’t need additional support, wax allows you to put in place widely projecting details. 
  • Low melting point: Unlike other 3D printing materials, wax has lower melting points, making it a lot simpler to use. It also is a superb upholding material because you don’t need to be concerned about melting the item they’re supporting, thanks to its low melting point. 
  • Available in different properties and colors: Wax is available in various properties, from differences in resin mixes within the material to differences in viscosities. This varied option allows you to choose the wax variety that’s best suited for the mold or object you’re looking to make.

Likewise, you can get wax in different colors from browns, yellows, beiges, and many others as preferred, even those not found in nature, such as neons. 

  • Insoluble in water: Wax is a remarkable mold because it doesn’t dissolve in water. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about ruining the mold of your 3D object, thanks to the waterproof properties of wax. 
  • No wastage: When printing with wax, you don’t need to worry about problematic wastes since you can melt the excess and make anything out of it, such as a candle. 
  • Achieve excellent details: 3D printing withwax allows you to achieve a high detail level, unlike with plastic. 
  • Eco-friendly: Unlike plastics, the wax is environmentally friendlyand doesn’t produce toxic gases into the atmosphere, making it a superb molding material. Cons of 3D Printing Wax
  • Temperature-sensitive: Using wax when making the final product can be challenging due to its low melting point, which is slightly above room temperature at 50 degrees Celsius. Because of this, it’s prone to warping, and this requires you to pay close attention to the room temperature where the 3D objected is stored.     

Cons of 3D Printing Wax 

  • Expensive: Wax 3D printers are a lot costlier than the standard plastic printers. The same applies to wax filament, which is more expensive compared to plastic.  
  • Difficult to handle: It’s quite tricky to handle the wax 3D printer, the wax filament, and products, thereby necessitating some experience to guarantee an excellent outcome. 


Deciding which is the best wax 3D printer can be a big challenge since several options are on the market. But after reading this in-depth guide, you’re now enlightened on which are the best wax 3D printers that not only offer you superb value but also remarkable printing results. With this in mind, you’ll be able to choose a printer that best serves your needs.  


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