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10 Water Bottle Rocket Models to 3D Print

10 Water Bottle Rocket Models to 3D Print Intro This article will explore 10 water bottle rocket models that you can download and 3D print. Images and links are included, which will assist you in understanding the models better, as well as providing a brief explanation for each one. Bottle …

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3D Printing Lithophanes

3D Printing Lithophanes Introduction This article will explore an interesting idea in 3D printing – Lithophanes. Lithophanes were traditionally painstakingly hand-made from thin translucent porcelain, but now they can be effortlessly created using 3D printing. Lithophanes are embossed photos generated by a 3D printer. They are a very simple way …

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10 Tabletop Gaming Models to 3D Print

10 Tabletop Gaming Models to 3D Print Introduction Printing tabletop 3D models is one of the best things that you can do when you get into 3D printing. However, having 3D printed gaming models is a blessing for people who love games. Tabletop 3D gaming models will not only make …

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Examples of 3D Printing

Examples of 3D Printing Introduction  The invention of 3D printing has undoubtedly been a breakthrough that has revolutionized manufacturing. With continued innovation, both home users like you and I, as well as big manufacturers, can now easily access and use 3D printers. This is possible because 3D printing has become …

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3D Printing Against Coronavirus Covid-19

3D Printing to Help the Fight Against Coronavirus Covid-19 Resources Sign up to the 3D Printed PPE website, which is coordinating 3D printer owners with healthcare workers across the globe. Find the group closest to you and help the effort against coronavirus in a coordinated way. Digifabster has compiled this …

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