3D printing projects and 3d printed objects that will inspire you to fire up your 3D printer and start making


3D Printing Jokes

The Best 3D Printing Jokes and Memes Here’s a roundup of the best 3D printing jokes and memes. How do you make a 4D printer? Just take a 3D printer and give it some time… I’m so sorry.

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3D Printed Fidget Spinners

Make Your Own Fidget Spinner Fidget Spinners are hot at the moment. Everybody wants one, stores are running out of stock and schools are banning them! So why not put your 3D Printer to good use and make a batch for yourself. Or even better, make some dollars selling them

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Videos of 3D Printers in Action

Lights, Camera, Print! Take a look at these inspirational videos showing some of the best home 3D printers on the market in action creating 3D parts. All these printers make high quality 3D printing possible in your own home. I’ve reviewed all of the models featured so be sure to

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Top 5 Cool 3D Printer Creations

Top Five 3D Printer Creations The great thing about 3D printing is the freedom it gives you as a designer. You can make really complex parts easily, therefore the most limiting factor is your imagination! Here are a few of my favorite 3D printed creations. Most of these amazing designs can

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