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The Artillery Genius 3D Printer – Specs, Features, and More!

The Artillery Genius is a large, well built, and sleek 3D printer that offers high end features at a mid-level price. It is also beginner-friendly thanks to its quick assembly, easy setup, and usability. But what else does the Artillery Genius offer? After all, there are a lot of mid-level printers out there that can hold their own. What exactly makes this one stand out?

Well, that will be the focus of our review today. We will begin by looking at the technical specifications of this printer, proceed to a list of its features, and give you the pros and cons you need to know. There will also be more information on setting up the unit and details about printer quality and customer support.

Technical Specs

  • Build Volume: 220 mm x 220 mm x 250 mm  
  • Layer resolution: 0.11 mm
  • XYZ positioning accuracy: 0.05 mm, 0.05 mm, 0.01 mm
  • Filament Diameter: 1.75 mm
  • Filament type: PLA, ABS, TPU, and others
  • Nozzle Diameter: 0.4 mm
  • Nozzle Type: Volcano
  • Maximum Bed Temperature: 110 Degrees Celsius
  • Extruder Type: Direct Driver
  • Connectivity: USB, USB Stick, and TF Card
  • Printing Speed: 150 mm/second
  • Software: Cura
  • Operating System: Windows, Mac
  • Printer Size: 430 mm x 390 mm x 510 mm without the spool holder
  • Printer Weight: 8.9 Kgs


As we have noted above, the Artillery Genius is also loaded with some incredible features, some of which you won’t typically find in a mid-level brand. Here are some of the major ones:

  • The Artillery Genius comes 98% pre-assembled. This makes it easier for beginners to set it up for first-time use.
  • The unit also features a sleek and sturdy aluminum frame design that enhances printer stability and adds to its longevity.
  • The manufacturer also includes innovative cable management all round to ensure you get that clean and neat look
  • You also get a fast-heating AC hotbed. It takes roughly 130 seconds for the bed to hit maximum temperatures. This makes the Artillery Genius versatile enough to print a wide range of filament.
  • The unit is also fitted with a filament detection feature that alerts you when you are about to run out.
  • There is also an improved and synchronized dual Z system that ensures both sides of the gantry move in unison. This improves printer stability, speed, and accuracy massively.
  • The Artillery Genius is also fitted with an ultra-quiet stepper driver for a smooth and noiseless printing experience
  • A large LCD colored touch screen display is also included to ensure you have all printer controls in one place
  • The Artillery Genius also comes with a state of the art Direct Drive extruder designed to support flexible filament materials.
  • The manufacturer has also improved the belt pulley system for additional stability and precision during printing.
  • The Genius also looks sleek with its matte black finishing and accents of blue plastic all over.
  • You will also love the resume printing function in this unit that protects your printing progress in case of an unexpected power outage.


  • The printer ships 98% already pre-assembled for easy setup
  • It is also compatible with third-party filament for extra flexibility
  • Fast heating bed to work with a wide variety of filament
  • Filament detection sensors and print resume features are also included


  • The Artillery Genius is a bit bulky, so it needs a fair amount of space on your counter
  • It does not have an automatic bed leveling feature
  • Default printing speed is relatively high and may affect the quality of printed objects

Unboxing and Box Contents

The Artillery Genius ships pre-assembled. So, it’s easy to assume that there isn’t a lot left in the box. Well, it is true, but there are still a few things in there you should be aware of. But before we get to the list, it is important to note that the Artillery Genius ships in a sturdy cardboard box with heavy foam padding inside. Everywhere in the box has a layer of foam. The manufacturer also adds additional straps all-round for safety. It’s not hard to see why – a fully assembled printer is delicate and susceptible to many risks while on transit. Adding that extra bit of padding protects it substantially.

 Let’s now get to the goodies and the accessories in the box. First, you get two printer components. The first one is the base, which is at the bottom of the box, and the second is the gantry. You will just need to put these two components together, and the printer will be 100% fully assembled.

Other accessories include a single USB drive, a power cord, and a cable designed to connect the printer to your PC. You will also get a pouch full of tools, including an extra nozzle, some screws, Allen keys, and zip ties. There is also a nice and handy 10 and 8 mm wrench. Finally, the box comes with a detailed user manual printed in seven different languages.


The Artillery Genius is perhaps one of the easiest printers to set up. Remember, we have already noted above that it is almost 100% assembled. So, there are only two main steps when it comes to printer assembly. First, align the gantry to the printer base and screw it in. Secondly, attach the spool holder bracket, and you are done.  

We also loved that the user manual gives a straightforward pictorial step by step guide on how to attach the gantry to the base. Even for someone who is not that handy, this is something you can do in less than a minute or two.

Artillery Genius also offers semi-automatic bed leveling. Reviews by users on bed leveling are a bit scarce. Nonetheless, for a beginner, assisted or semi-automatic leveling is always better than manual leveling.


The Artillery Genius is compatible with third-party slicer software. While you are free to use a slicer of your choice, I strongly recommend Cura. It just works well with this printer. The unit is also compatible with two main operating systems, including Windows and Mac.

In Use

The Artillery Genius feels a bit bulky, to be honest with you, but this does not typically affect its operation. The printer delivers commendable print quality. Yes, in some objects, a little finishing is needed. In some cases, you don’t get the finest details in print. But these issues can be improved by slightly tweaking the slicer settings.

The Artillery Genius is also super-fast, but this has a downside. We believe that the variation in print quality is primarily associated with the high default printing speed. Nonetheless, you will also love that this printer comes fitted with ultra-quiet stepper drivers designed to offer a smooth and quiet experience for each user.

But perhaps the clincher here is the fast-heating hotbed. It takes slightly above two minutes for this printer to reach maximum bed temperature, something that expands your filament options massively.

Customer Service

The manufacturers of the Artillery Genius generally claim that support is delivered fast, mostly within 24 hours.


The Artillery Genius is a solid 3D printer that has a lot to offer and a few downsides as well. First, this unit is so easy to assemble, making it a great pick for beginners. It is well-built thanks to a sturdy aluminum frame and offers relatively better print quality and precision. We also love that it has a large build volume and is compatible with a wide range of filaments.

However, the Artillery Genius has a few minor downsides, all to be expected at this price point. First, the unit is huge and may feel bulky for some people. Also, keep in mind that there is no automatic bed leveling.

Despite these minor shortcomings, you won’t find a 3D printer out there that delivers excellent value for money better than the Artillery Genius. The unit is made for beginners and professional creators alike. It is definitely worth your consideration.


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