Review: FlashForge Dreamer NX

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The Flashforge Dreamer NX – An Elegant, Powerful, And User-Friendly 3D Printer

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The Dreamer NX is a reliable and well-built 3D printer that comes with an enclosed printing chamber, a durable, compact design, and a wide variety of top of the line features. The printer falls in the mid-level category and would be perfectly suited for both experienced and novice creators out there.

Although there are a lot of solid middle-level printers to consider, the Dreamer NX has been receiving a lot of positive press, and for a good reason. Well, in this review, we will take out the hype and look at this unit more thoroughly so that we help you make an informed choice. We begin by listing some of the key specs here, features, pros and cons, and so much more.


  • Build Volume: 230 mm x 150 mm x 140 mm
  • Layer Resolution: 0.1 mm – 0.4 mm
  • Print Resolution: ±0.2 mm
  • No. of Extruders: 1
  • Extruder Diameter: 0.4 mm
  • Maximum Extruder Temperature: 120 Degrees Celsius
  • Maximum Bed Temperature: 250 Degrees Celsius
  • Control: 3.5 Inch touchscreen display
  • Connectivity: USB cable, SD Card, and Wi-Fi
  • Filament Type: PLA, TPU, ABS PETG
  • Running Noise: 50 Decibels
  • Software Slicer: Proprietary Flashprint
  • Internal Storage: 8 GB
  • Printer Dimensions: 485 MM X 344 MM X 402 MM
  • Printer Net Weight: 10.7 Kilograms
  • Recommended Working Temperature: 18 – 30 Degrees Celsius


In addition to the amazing technical specs above, the Dreamer NX also has several impressive features. Here are some of them:

  • The Dreamer NX features an enclosed printing chamber with a closable door and a removable top lid. This offers a more controlled printing temperature that prevents dust and other environmental factors from interfering with the printed objects.
  • The unit also has a fast heating build plate that can reach maximum temperatures of up to 250 degrees Celsius. This enhances print quality substantially.
  • Additionally, the build plate is constructed from the top of line aerospace-grade aluminum with 6.55 mm thickness for quick heat dissipation and enhanced print quality.
  • The Dreamer NX is also fitted with a new patented nozzle design that loads filament far more smoothly and steadily. The nozzle also comes with an efficient turbofan for cooling.
  • The printer offers double color printing and double filament printing as well. This gives you outstanding versatility, which in turn helps you to expand your printing options remarkably.
  • You will also get innovative easy to use proprietary slicer software from the manufacturer. The software is also stable and more compatible with this unit.
  • The Dreamer NX also comes with real-time temperature monitoring. The unit is also fitted with automatic sensors that turn on the fans when temperatures hit dangerous levels.
  • You also get wireless connectivity options that allow transferring files over a network for maximum convenience.
  • The unit is also already assembled and should be ready to use straight out of the box. This saves you a lot of time and hassle in setup.
  • You will also enjoy the compact, sleek design on this unit that will not only save you loads of countertop space but also add some décor value to your studio or workspace.


  • Enclosed printing chamber that protects the printing from environmental factors
  • Fast-heating aluminum build plate that delivers impeccable molding effects
  • Compact design for saving space and easy portability
  • Re-engineered extruder design that prints a variety of filament with ease
  • Dual-color and dual filament printing is also included


  • The customer service offered by the manufacturer is not that good
  • Some users have had problems printing with ABS
  • The printer has issues connecting to the Wi-Fi
  • The unit also feels a bit fragile and prone to damage

Unboxing and Box contents

The Dreamer NX is a fully assembled printer, and it ships as such. For this reason, the box is quite huge and relatively heavy. But it is nonetheless quite sturdy, and it is sealed very well. There is also a lot of foam in there to keep the unit safe from any hits on the road.

Nonetheless, in addition to the printer itself, there are a few other accessories inside the box to note. First, you will get two spools of PLA filament, every 500 grams in weight and colored differently. There is also a porch with some tools, including Allen keys, a screwdriver, a scrapper, some tweezers, and a few screws.

A single USB cable and a power cable are included in there too. The manufacturer also includes a build plate, a bed leveling card, some support holders, and a 16 GB SD Card. You will get a few sheets as well and a quick start guide.


The Dreamer NX ships already assembled. As a result, set up and assembly should be really easy. However, there are still a few steps to take. First, you will notice that the printer has a lot of foam not just inside the box but also inside the unit itself.

Simply open the door and remove any foam inside before you do anything. There are also a few zip ties in there, too designed to hold various components of this unit together as it ships. Those will also need to be removed. You can use a pair of needle-nose pliers to snip the zip ties loose and remove them. However, take care not to do this forcefully so as not accidentally damage the printer.

Additionally, the two spools of PLA filament that ship with this unit are located inside the printer itself. You will need to lift the platform gently and remove them. The next step is to tighten the screws on this unit.

All these steps are included in the quick start guide, and it should take less than five minutes to get the printer ready for its first job. The Dreamer NX offers manual bed leveling. You do, however, get a simple leveling card that should make this process easy enough as well.


The Dreamer NX uses proprietary slicer software from the manufacturer called Flashprint. The software is quite interactive, sharp, and easy to use. We also noticed that it gets regular updates as well, so there shouldn’t be any issues at all.

In Use

As noted above, the Dreamer NX comes with an enclosed printing chamber designed to protect the printing from environmental factors. This helps to enhance print quality massively, especially for people who love to use ABS filament. Additionally, the printer is fitted with automatic sensors that maintain heat circulation inside the chamber at all times. This leads to better molding effects on the objects.

Many users on Amazon appear to agree that, indeed, the print quality achieved is remarkable. The Dreamer NX is surprisingly fast as well. The printer also has an aerospace-grade aluminum build plate with impeccable heat dissipation.

This does not only make it easier for you to achieve better print adhesion. It also ensures that dislodging the final object from the plate is relatively simple. The unit also offers smooth and noiseless printing, making it ideal for schools and those of us who joust love the quiet.

Customer Service

One area where Flashforge falls a bit short is on customer support. Sure, the company says that it has efficient support that responds to customer queries in 24 hours. But that hasn’t been the experience of many users that I speak to.

We also noticed that the company takes too long to honor warranty agreements partly because the process of processing these warranties is so slow.

Thankfully, Flashforge is such a popular manufacturer that there are plenty of online communities that will help you with any NX problems you may have.


The Dreamer NX is a well-built printer with impeccable reliability. The unit features a patented extruder design that allows printing all types of filament with good results. You also get an enclosed printing chamber and a reliable aluminum build plate. All these factors ensure that the final printed object is as good as it can be.

Additionally, this mid-level printer also ships already assembled—no need for a tiresome and time consuming set up here. You also get a nice compact design to save space as well. But even with these positive features, there are some shortcomings to keep in mind.

First, the customer support needs to do better. Additionally, we noted that many users had had trouble printing over Wi-Fi. But other than this, the Dreamer NX is highly recommended. It is a quality 3D printer that will deliver outstanding printing results for anyone.


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