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The JGMAKER MAGIC 3D Printer is a good buy at this price range. It produces good print quality with no major issues thanks to its sturdy frame and improved extruder design. Easy setup and a passionate owner community help make it a good 3D printer for beginners.



JGAURORA has quickly gained a reputation for creating very cheap 3D printers that perform surprisingly well. 

The latest model is the JGMAKER MAGIC 3D Printer which is based on the popular aluminum extrusion style frame of 3D printers like the Creality Ender 3. 

The first thing you notice about the JGMAKER MAGIC is its stable and well-designed hardware. It comes with a sturdy aluminum frame and this strongly contributes to reliable and accurate 3D printing.

The extruder system that this printer comes with is a big improvement on the previous models. I believe that the good print quality reported from this model has a lot to do with the short Bowden tube which can be a weak point on similar printers. 

Whether you are a newbie or a professional is immaterial because it is quite easy to operate. In case you come across any challenges, you can turn to the customer support for the fast services and assistance.

Additionally, the JGMAKER MAGIC also some other impressive features. For example, you don’t have to worry about power outages anymore! This is because it is fitted with an automatic power resume function.

This makes it possible for you to resume 3D printing from where you were when you experienced a power failure. There are more that we will discuss later under features such as the filament used-up detection, SD-card hot swapping, and a quick release hot end.


  • Print volume: 220×220 x250mm/ 8.7″x 8.7″x9.8″
  • Size: 443x540x472mm
  • Weight: 8kg
  • Packing size: 550x465x175mm
  • Weight inc packaging: 10kg
  • Nozzle temp: From180C to 245C
  • Filament material: PLA, TPU, ABS and exotic filled such as wood fill
  • Slicer software: Cura/JGcreat
  • Power Supply: AC 110/220V


The JGMAKER MAGIC 3D Printer comes with several notable features that make it very competitive in the market.

  • Generous Print Volume – 220×220 x250mm/ 8.7″x 8.7″x9.8″ which is good for most 3D printing needs. 
  • Power outage resume – You can resume from where you were earlier on and thus you save on both time and filament as well.
  • Easy assembly – It comes with some 8 parts and thus means less assembly time. In most cases, it takes about two hours and you are done.
  • Filament-used up detection – This serves as a reminder to you and the message is to change the filament. It beeps before the filament runs out and thus you make plans to change it to continue with printing.
  • SD card hotplugging – keeps matters running smoothly. At one point port the other you run the risk of making mistakes. For instance, you would remove your SD card by mistake during printing. With this feature, you can reinsert it and proceed with the printing. Isn’t this amazing?
  • High adhesion print bed – For reliable first layers and fewer print failures
  • Quick-release hot end – Easy to change hot end with detachable cable

Pros and Cons

  • Made with a highly stable aluminum extrusion frame
  • Produces good print quality
  • It comes with a reliable extruder system. The relatively short Bowden tube may be the reason behind this.
  • The additional features such as the filament run-out detection and the power outage resume are valuable features


  • Uses only  one Z-axis lead screw
  • It is lacking in terms of the eccentric screws to adjust how the wheels run on the rails
  • Some users complain about poor cable management
  • Documentation is on the SD card, not printed on paper
  • PVC stickered print surface rather than superior coated glass

Unboxing & Box Contents

Upon opening the box, you will like how well the printer has been packaged by the manufacturer. Each part and component is organized in a much better way. They have been placed in plastic bags, each one of them labeled appropriately. Assembly is quite easy since you only need to attach a few components to the mainframe. There is an accompanying manual as well to guide you through the process.

Unlike some other printers that come with printed manuals, this one comes with a digital manual. This is embedded in the SD card. You will also see some spare nozzle, a few hex keys, and a filament.

After assembly, you may find a few screws remaining. This should cause you discomfort as long as you have set up everything appropriately.


As compared to most of the competitor products, this simplifies matters for you a huge deal. For instance, the parts that you need to assemble and set up are quite minimal. Therefore, you get to save on time and there is less confusion in the setup process as well.

The manual for the setup of this JGMAKER MAGIC 3D Printer is a digital one. Therefore, you don’t have to worry if you are a newbie since it will guide you through the process. The bed of this device should be set up in a way that it runs on the polished rods. The linear bearing makes the bed leveling affair easy for you. The strong steel frame provides outstanding support and thus no wobbles.


It is important to state that this device bears a semi-open design which makes maintenance quite easy. You will like the way the AC mains are cleverly concealed underneath the frame, reducing its footprint and making it look more appealing.

The JGMaker magic operates on an outstanding motherboard that is developed by the manufacturer. I think that you should also know that the company has its stepper drivers known as the Allegro A4988. They perform very well and are quite quiet.

In Use

The JGMAKER Magic provides prints with very refined surfaces. You will also like it that the layers are accurate and quite smooth. If you are the kind that worries about stringing and oozing, then this is the printer for you.

One disappointment is the PVC coated build surface. I much prefer the ceramic coated glass print beds, like the Ultrabase from Anycubic. The print bed does have the advantage of being flexible, so you can easily remove prints by giving it a quick bend. 

Customer Service

The customer service from JGAURORA is good which surprises many people as they are not a well-known company. 

At times, customers have made complaints about loud fans or missing parts and the support sends them replacements in a matter of days without hassle. 

Some other customers rate the customer services here quite highly. They believe that they are better than those found in many companies in the same field.


The JGMAKER MAGIC 3D Printer is a good buy at this price range. It produces good print quality with no major issues thanks to its sturdy frame and improved extruder design.

The JGAURORA community is passionate and more than willing to help out anyone new to the brand. It is, however, not as popular as printers like the Ender 3, which has a larger following. 

In terms of usage, this is a good 3D printer for beginners. It is easy to set up, there are no major flaws that could cause disappointment, and there is enough scope to upgrade to keep your interest for a good few years. 


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