The Lucky Cat 3D Print

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The Lucky Cat 3D Print

For thousands of us, our first 3D print was the cute little cat figure that is included with all Creality 3D printers.

The cat figure is well known outside of 3D printing as it is a popular Japanese token of good luck, known as Maneki Neko which means beckoning cat. The cat’s arm is said to be beckoning for customers or money.

What Does the Creality Cat 3D Test Print Say on its Sign?

The cat is holding a coin with the words ‘good fortune’.

How long does it take to print the Creality Cat?

You may notice some numbers in the filename of the gcode, these indicate how long the cat will take to 3D print. The most common Creality Cat takes 3.5 hours to print.

Why does the Lucky Cat Print So Well?

The Creality lucky cat is provided as gcode by the manufacturer, so they are able to optimize the code to produce the highest possible quality. You can open gcode in a text editor or in a free gcode reader. This allows you to see what settings were used such as print speed and nozzle temperature, which you can then apply to your own prints to get the same high quality.

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