Tips for Printing Carbon Fiber Filament 

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Tips for Printing Carbon Fiber Filament 

There are a few things to bear in mind when using carbon fiber for printing. Here are some pointers for printing with carbon fiber.

Steel Nozzle

Carbon fiber is extremely abrasive, therefore using a standard brass nozzle will quickly wear it down. A hardened steel nozzle is significantly more durable and lasts considerably longer.

High Extrusion Temp

Increase your extrusion temperature: Because carbon fiber has a higher melting point than most other filaments, you’ll need to raise your extrusion temperature in order to print with it successfully. We recommend printing at around 260 degrees Celsius.


Use a fan shroud: Carbon fiber filament tends to be very stringy, so you’ll need to use a fan shroud in order to quickly cool your print and contain the strands and prevent them from sticking to the build plate or getting tangled.

Build Adhesion

Use painter’s tape or another kind of grippy Build Surface: Because carbon fiber is susceptible to warping, it’s critical to use a build surface that will assist with this. Painters tape or another type of Build Surface with excellent adhesion properties should work nicely.


Use supports: Carbon fiber filament is also very difficult to remove from the build plate, so it’s important to use supports when printing with it. This will help to prevent your print from becoming damaged or distorted.

Following these tips should help you to successfully print with carbon fiber filament on your Monoprice Maker Ultimate 2 3D printer.

Happy Printing!

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