Top 5 Cool 3D Printer Creations

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Top Five 3D Printer Creations

The great thing about 3D printing is the freedom it gives you as a designer. You can make really complex parts easily, therefore the most limiting factor is your imagination!

Here are a few of my favorite 3D printed creations. Most of these amazing designs can be recreated on a home 3D printer! I hope they inspire you to turn your crazy ideas into reality on your own 3D printer!

1. 3D Printed Electric Guitar


Olaf Diegel uses a 3D Systems SLS printer to create his incredible guitars. He uses a conventional wooden neck and central core for the structural parts. 3D printed parts are then attached to form the rest of the body.

He says 3D printing doesn’t have to be seen as just replacing traditional methods it can also be used to compliment them in new and unique ways.

In his most eye-catching guitar design ‘Americana’ the main body not only has a three dimensional stars and stripes design it also contains highly detailed three dimensional models of famous American landmarks like the Statue of Liberty!


You can see it’s a fully working guitar as it’s played in this video:

2. Toyota 4 Cylinder Engine

Thingiverse user ericthepoolboy has created this amazing fully moving model of a Toyota 22RE engine! It has fully working crank, pistons, and valve train!


The best thing is he has uploaded all the .stl files to thingiverse so if you have a 3D printer you can download them and make the engine yourself! Just make sure your printer is well calibrated so all the parts fit together well.

Here’s a cool video so you can see all the moving parts:

3. Cosplay Armour

Redditor fitcosplayer created this incredible T60 full armour! Amazingly he used just a normal Monoprice Maker Select 3D Printer proving anyone could recreate this in their own home too!


It took him 140 days of continuous 3D printing, followed by lots of spackle and rustoleum but I’m in no doubt the results were worth all that effort.

4. 3D Models of Your Kids’ Drawings


How many children dream about how amazing it would be if their own drawings could come to life? Well Crayon Creatures are doing just that with their 3D printed sculpture by mail service.

Crayon Creatures take your hand drawn picture and manipulate it into a three dimensional model. This is then 3D printed in Shapeways Sandstone material with ink pigments fully replicating the original drawing.


5. 3D Printed Anything. In Outer Space!

US company Made In Space are pioneering zero gravity 3D printing. They already have an additive manufacturing facility aboard the International Space Station which has been used to print hardware and tools.

3D printing brings a big benefit to space travel in that it is no longer necessary to ship every tool or part you may possibly need, instead you can print items as and when required. This can be a huge saving in terms of cost due to the fuel needed to transport every ounce of cargo.

As you can see there are a wide array of incredible items being 3D printed in the world. People who previously could only imagine their ideas can now see them made before their eyes into fully functional items.

What ideas are going to be built from your imagination?

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