Videos of 3D Printers in Action


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Lights, Camera, Print!

Take a look at these inspirational videos showing some of the best home 3D printers on the market in action creating 3D parts.

All these printers make high quality 3D printing possible in your own home. I’ve reviewed all of the models featured so be sure to click on the links to read my reviews.

Monoprice Select Mini

Printing a very cool Dragon Door Knocker from Thingiverse. Check out my review of this budget model that makes 3D printing available to everyone.

BCN3D Sigma

One of my favorite 3D printers that I’ve reviewed, here’s the excellent BCN3D Sigma showing an excellent example of something that would be very complicated to manufacture by any other process than 3D printing.

FlashForge Finder

See what’s achievable on one of the best budget home 3D printers in this cool video. This 3D printer is very easy to set up and use, that’s why it’s high on the list in my guide to the best 3D printers for children and teens and makes a perfect choice as a 3D printer for the family.

XYZ da Vinci Mini

A great video showing the XYZ Mini being used to make a nice looking vase ornament. 3D printing is great for artists to show their creativity. Imagine having a home full of creative 3D artworks that you’ve designed and built. They’d make a great gift too.

I rate the da Vinci Mini and Mini Maker very highly as a great first 3D printer for children. Check out my review here.

Formlabs Form 1+

I love the Form 1+ because not only does it bring SLA resin printing to the home user it does it with some of the highest quality printing I’ve seen. If you want to make gaming miniatures or start your own jewelry design than this is the perfect 3D printer to choose.

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