Where Can I Buy 3D Printer Filament in Person?

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If you’re looking for 3d printing filament and don’t want to wait for shipping, you may be wondering where you can buy it in person at a bricks and mortar store. Luckily, there are quite a few physical stores that sell 3d printer filament, both online and off. In this blog post, we’ll list all of the known stores in the USA that sell 3d printing filament. Happy printing!

Which Stores sell 3D Printer Filament?

Here are the best 5 stores where you can buy 3D printing filament in person:

  1. Micro Center: This chain of computer stores sells 3D printer filament in a variety of colors and materials.
  2. Fry’s Electronics: This retail store offers a wide variety of 3D printing filaments, including glow-in-the-dark, wood, and metal
  3. Staples: This office supply chain sells 3D printer filament in both ABS and PLA varieties
  4. Home Depot: This home improvement store sells 3D printer filament in PLA only
  5. Ace Hardware: This hardware store sells 3D printer filament in both ABS and PLA varieties

What is the most popular filament for 3D printing?

PLA is the most popular 3D printing filament. It is used in 3D printers because it is safe, biodegradable, and has a low melting point making it easy to print with. ABS filament is a close second and is often used for 3D printing prototypes because it is strong and durable.

Is 3D printer filament universal?

Different filaments of the same material (PLA or ABS) are fundamentally the same, however different brands will have differences in their quality and may have different chemicals that are added to give different colors and finishes. Filaments are generally available in two sizes: 1.75 mm and 2.85 mm.


We hope this list helps you get your 3D printing projects up and running the next time you run out of filament! If you have any other questions, be sure to ask us in the comments below.

Happy printing!

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