Dylan Miller

Dylan Miller lives and breathes 3D printing. He loves how 3D printing makes it seem like you are living in the future! He has worked with 3D printers for 15 years as a professional engineer designing over 10,000 3D printed parts in the process! Dylan now spends his time teaching engineering students and graduates how to incorporate 3D printing into their projects. Dylan's mission is to introduce 3D printing to everyone and show them how easy, useful, and creative it is.

Review: FlashForge Dreamer NX

The Flashforge Dreamer NX – An Elegant, Powerful, And User-Friendly 3D Printer The Dreamer NX is a reliable and well-built 3D printer that comes with an enclosed printing chamber, a durable, compact design, and a wide variety of top of the line features. The printer falls in the mid-level category …

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Review: Creality CR-6 SE

The Creality CR-6 SE – A 3D Printing Workhorse For Passionate Creators We are all wondering what the new CR-6 is like. Is it better than the CR-10 and Ender 3? Read on to find out… 3D printing is now accessible to almost anyone. 3D printers that were once very …

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Review: Anycubic Mega Zero

The Anycubic Mega Zero 2.0 – One of the Best Value for Money 3D Printers? I’ve been a fan of Anycubic since their i3 Mega landed on my desk a few years ago, with its then innovative ceramic coated print bed it quickly became one of my favorite 3D printers. …

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Best Multi-Color 3D Printer

How to Choose the Best Multi-Color 3D Printer One of the most sought-after innovations in 3D printing is the introduction of multi-color models that can produce 3D prints in a variety of colors, rather than one, as is the case on standard 3D printers. This prevents the need for painting, …

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Fusion360 vs AutoCAD

Fusion360 vs AutoCAD – Which is Best for 3D Printing? There’s no doubt that 3D printers can do lots of excellent things. But for you to get the most of them, you will need a good CAD program to make your own 3D models. The two most popular choices are …

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