Environmentally Friendly 3D Printer Filaments

Like many people who are concerned about damage to our environment, I try to do all I can to limit my personal impact on our planet. A big part of this is doing my best to reduce the amount of plastic I use daily. So how do I square this with a hobby so intertwined with plastic as 3D printing?!

How Much Does 3D Printing Cost?

Tldr; 3D printing is cheaper than you might think!

Just a few years ago the answer to “How much does 3D printing cost?” was “Too much!”. But thankfully, in recent years the price of both 3D printers and the materials they use have dropped dramatically.

3D printers are now commonplace in libraries, schools, colleges, and many teenager’s bedrooms.

For just a little over a couple of hundred dollars, you can have a perfectly functioning, reliable, 3D printer, like the Ender 3, that will feed most of your 3d printing needs without fault.

Epic 3D Printer Comparison Table

When shopping for a new 3D printer there are so many different manufacturers, models, and specs to compare, it can be a bit daunting.

My 3D printer comparison chart will help you sort through all the important specs of hundreds of 3d printers and make comparing models much easier.

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Best ABS 3D Printer Filament

ABS is the second most popular 3d printing material, beaten only by PLA. It’s widely available and cheap to buy. With ABS you can create parts that are impact resistant, durable, and resistant to weather and heat.ABS parts are also easy to post-process, with sanding, painting, and vapor bathing all easy options you can use to get you the finish you want.

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3D Printing Resources

Here’s an easy to scan list I’ve compiled of the most popular and highly-regarded 3d printing resources. From ready to print CAD models to online communities it’s all here! Downloadable 3D Models Ready for 3D Printing Thingiverse One of the original and largest 3D printed communities. You should make it your go to place for …

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