review monoprice voxel 3d printer

Review: Monoprice Voxel

Monoprice’s latest addition to their range is the snazzy looking Voxel model. It’s the smallest fully-enclosed 3d printer in their range and is aimed at the beginner end of the market.The main selling point of the Voxel is that it’s easy to use and works out of the box with absolutely minimal setup.

dylan miller reviews anycubic mega-s 3d printer

Review: Anycubic Mega-S

The Best Just Got Better With The Anycubic Mega-S One of my favorite 3D printers, the Anycubic i3 Mega has had an upgrade for 2019! The Anycubic Mega-S keeps the sturdy, reliable design that made the original so popular and adds some extra improvements that make it even more worthy of your hard-earned dollars. What …

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Review: Qidi Tech X-Smart

QIDI Tech X-Smart 3D Printer Review QIDI have made a name for themselves as manufacturers of high quality but low priced 3D printers over the last 4 years or so, and have been regularly updating their model range with improved designs. When their first model the X-one came on the market a few years ago, …

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Review: Sindoh 3DWOX 1

Latest Sindoh allows open source filament Introduction I’ve been a big fan of Sindoh 3D printers since their first DP201 model was released a few years ago, so I’ve been eager to see how their brand new model stacks up against its predecessors and the competition. Sindoh specializes in incredibly easy to use 3d printers …

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dylan miller reviews zortrax m300 3d printer

Review: Zortrax M300

Zortrax M300 3D Printer Review   Introduction The previous Zortrax model, the M200, took the 3D printing world by storm in 2014 winning numerous awards with consumers left extremely impressed with its accuracy and quality combined with affordability and reliability. This led the printer to soon become a favorite in the 3D Printing community. The …

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