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3D Printing Food

3D Printing Food Introduction The possibilities that 3D printing food gives us are almost too numerous to count and, as such, there’s more than plenty of reason to get excited about it! 3D Printing takes food preparation to a whole other level and it also looks poised to enable us […]

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History of 3D Printing

History of 3D Printing 3D printing has now become one of the most revolutionary technologies in the world of design, manufacturing, and even education. Now it’s one of the quickest growing hobbies. But things haven’t always been this way. 3D printing has a longer history than you might think… What

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3D Printed Makeup

The Future of Cosmetics – 3D Printed Makeup Imagine falling in love with a shade of blush you saw on Instagram and then being able to have it in your hands, ready to apply, in a matter of seconds!  Or how about a world where you don’t need to spend

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How 3D Printing is Changing the World

How 3D Printing is Changing the World 3D printing has only been around since the 1990s, but the impact it has already had in almost all areas of our lives is enormous. Whether it’s in business, education, food, architecture, or design, 3D printing has been finding applications in a wide

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3d printed houses and building by dylan miller for io3dprint

3D Printed Houses and Buildings

3D Printed Houses and Buildings Some people consider the construction industry reluctant to adopt innovations and new technologies. However, in recent years the use of 3D printing technology to build fantastical architectural projects has been hitting the headlines. Initially, the 3D printing and was mainly involved in the design, engineering,

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