3D Printed Fidget Spinners

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Make Your Own Fidget Spinner

Fidget Spinners are hot at the moment. Everybody wants one, stores are running out of stock and schools are banning them!

So why not put your 3D Printer to good use and make a batch for yourself.

Or even better, make some dollars selling them in the school yard!

The great thing about 3D printing your own is you can come up with your own designs, experiment with different ideas, or download your favorite ones from Thingiverse.

All you need to buy is some skateboard 608 bearings like these VXB 608 ZZ.

Here are some of my favorite Fidget Spinners from Thingiverse:

A Proven Fidget Spinner

This Fidget Spinner has been replicated thousands of times by Thingiverse users making it one of the most proven and popular designs.

Tri Fidget Spinner Toy 3D Printed
Tri Fidget Spinner Toy by 2ROBOTGUY on Thingiverse

Bi-color Fidget Spinner

This is a unique design, making separate vanity caps from a different filament makes this design stand out.

Red and Yellow Fidget Spinner 3D Printed
Yet Another Fidget Spinner by Collyon on Thingiverse


Wood Fidget Spinner

This is a classy design, using wood blend filament and very smooth, rounded edges for a tactile feel.

Triple Fidget Spinner 3D Printed from Wood Filament
Triple spinner – Fidget by Viktorglekler on Thingiverse

Sharp Fidget Spinner

I love the sharp claw-like outer arms and metallic finish. This would be great printed with a metallic filament – it looks lethal!

Fidget Spinner 3D Printed from Metallic Filament
Fidget Spinner by 3DanielDesigns on Thingiverse

Naked Fidget Spinner

This tri-armed design shows how the 3D Printed layers produce a pattern that can’t be replicated by any other means and can be shown off to great effect.

Fidget Spinner 3D Printed with build support showing
Kid Sized 1/2″ Nut Fidget Spinner by NorbertD on Thingiverse

Happy Spinner

This one’s cool because the mass comes from five M6 hex nuts which are added to the print half way through, so they get hidden away under the print. Nice idea!

Happy Face Fidger Spinner 3D Printed in Red
Happy Spinner by PeppeF on Thingiverse

Plenty of inspiration there! As you can see, 3D printing gives you the freedom to take a simple design and make it your own.

Whether improving the shape or using an interesting material you can easily come up with a design that will beat anything found in the stores!

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