Keep Your 3D Printer Reliable and Accurate by Sitting it on a Quality Workbench

When you set your 3D printer up, you should set it on a level surface that is safe and secure.

3D printers are sensitive to movement and vibrations. If you nudge your 3D printer, or the table it’s sitting on, when it’s printing it can cause your print to fail.

When choosing a table for your 3D printer, you should make sure it has two essential features:


You need to rest your 3D printer on a stable surface for two reasons:

Firstly, you need to protect your 3D printer from external vibrations, knocks and other interference.

If you use a lightweight wobbly table, just closing a room door can upset your printer enough that it leaves an imperfection in your print or even make it fail completely.

Secondly, your 3D printer will vibrate and shudder itself as the motion system drives the extruder and print bed.

If your 3D printer’s on an unstable surface, these vibrations can be amplified and cause the whole 3D printer to move.

These movements can be enough to affect your print quality, so you should choose a table that’s sturdy enough to dampen these vibrations rather than amplify them.


For you to get the best print quality from your printer, you should make sure it’s perfectly level.

Sitting your 3D printer on an unlevel surface can make the chassis of the printer twist slightly, making it hard for you to calibrate your printer accurately. If your 3D printer is not level, you’ll never get 100% accurate prints.

Most floor surfaces in our apartments and houses aren’t level, and most cheap desks and tables aren’t level either.

You should make sure you choose a 3D printer table that allows you to adjust the height of each of its legs, so you can be confident it’s perfectly level.


You may think you only need a tabletop big enough to sit your 3D printer on. But you should try to get the biggest work surface you can.

If you have a large work surface, then you can use this to do all your post-processing of your 3D prints. From sanding, bonding, to painting and assembly.

If you get a workbench or desk that is stable enough, then you can carry out all of these tasks right next to your 3D printer as it’s printing.

It’s much easier if your 3D printing is contained to one area, rather than spreading it around your office, garage, or room.

If you get a workbench that has a built-in storage or the ability to add storage, then you can keep all of your 3D printing tools, filament and paraphernalia together.

3D Printer Tables for Home Use

Gladiator 66.5 inch Bamboo Modular Workbench

Gladiator makes premium workbenches that can be used for all sorts of DIY and workshop uses. Their sturdiness and adjustability make them a perfect match for your 3D printer.

This Bamboo modular workbench lives up to the Gladiator reputation for quality. It’s very sturdy with a substantial feel.

The 1.5″ thick bamboo wood top is attractive enough that you could use the workbench in your living area or bedroom. And the weighty top will dampen any movements or vibrations from your 3D printer.

The surface is protected with a UV cured coating that will resist most chemical spills, so if you’re going to be finishing your parts with acetone smoothing or using epoxy glues, this workbench will survive any accidents.

You can adjust the height of each of the heavy-duty steel legs, to ensure your work surface is perfectly level on the most uneven floors.

Gladiator workbenches are sized to allow you to fit modular cabinets underneath, so you can easily create a perfect 3D printer workstation with room for tools and filament in heavy-duty steel drawers and cabinets.

Because the Gladiator workbench is so stable and large, you can leave your 3D printer running while you post process your finished prints at the other end of the bench.

Trinity Stainless Steel Rolling Rubberwood Top Workbench

The Trinity Rolling Workbench is a 3D printer workstation all in one unit.

You can use the large (D17″ x W33″ x H26″) underneath storage cabinet to keep your filament spools and 3D printing tools safe. The shelves are adjustable to 1 inch so you can configure your filament collection however you wish.

The drawers have a very nice feel to them as they all run on high-quality ball bearing slides.

The whole unit is very weighty which makes it extremely sturdy and completely resistant to external influences that could spoil your prints.

Because the workbench is made using the highest quality materials and craftsmanship, you can have the unit on display in your living area, study or bedroom without it looking out of place. In fact, it looks quite classy.

Need Computer Desk 63″ Folding Table

If you need a flexible table arrangement for your 3D printer, then a folding desk is a good solution.

If your space is tight, it can help to have the ability to fold up your 3D printer workbench and store it out of the way.

This Need computer desk provides a good solid surface for your 3D printer to sit on but also can fold down flat to just a 2.5″ height.

Folding the desk is s simple process that takes just a few seconds, you just pull the cross-beam on each side, and the legs fold under.

The desk arrives pre-assembled, so you don’t need to carry out any assembly other than unfolding the legs.

The worktop is made from solid E1 particle wood with a scratch resistant surface. The legs are made from 1.2mm thick steel that makes it surprisingly stable. They are also powder coated so should be well resistant to scratches.

The legs are adjustable in height to 2cms each, so you can make sure the desk is level on an uneven floor.

Seville Classics UltraHD Lighted Workbench

The Seville Classics UltraHD workbench is a great way to have all your 3D printing tools to hand. It has lots of extra features so you can turn it a complete 3D printer workstation rather than just a simple desk.

You can store all of your 3D printing tools on the built-in pegboard on the back of the unit and in the two lined drawers.

The top cantilever shelf is the perfect place to store all your filament.

The 1.5″ thick work surface is made from heavy-duty Beechwood that gives an attractive finish but is also hard wearing.

You can easily adjust each of the metal legs to ensure your 3D printer work surface is level.

There’s also a built-in light that sits under the cantilever shelf. This is a nice feature that’s really useful for post-processing your 3D prints when you need to see details.

You can also keep your cables nice and neat with the four built-in cable feed holes.

3D Printer Tables for Business, Education, or School Use

BenchPro Roosevelt Workbench

BenchPro workbenches come with a 25-year warranty and are used by quality demanding customers like NASA, US Army, Intel, and GE.

The BenchPro Roosevelt is a top of the range workbench that screams quality.

If you want nothing but the best, then the BenchPro Roosevelt is for you.

They’re not the most attractive workbenches, but they look and feel as solid as a rock.

You can choose from eight different worktop materials, including Butcher Block Wood, Chemical Resistant Resin, Stainless Steel, and HD Particle Board.

For setting up your 3D printer workstation, any of these hard-wearing materials is fine.

If you will be using a lot of chemicals, say for acetone smoothing or painting your 3d prints, then the chemical resistant resin would be a good choice.

If you want the most accurate and hard wearing, then stainless steel would be your best choice.

You can also choose from a number of size options. From 24″ x 48″ all the way up to 36″ x 72″. All the Roosevelt workbenches have an adjustable height from 30″ to 36″.

BenchPro Complete Workbench with Formica Round Front Edge Top

Another quality product from BenchPro. This can be used as a complete 3D printer workstation. With a built-in light and power strip.

An upper shelf gives you a good spot to store your filament while the workbench itself gives you all the stability and sturdiness you need to keep your 3D printer accurate and reliable.

The Formica worktop is resistant to many chemicals and provides you with a good quality work surface that is comfortable to use thanks to the rounded front edge.

The Complete Workbench meets all necessary standards for commercial use such as BIFMA, ANSI, DIN, and GSA. So it’s a good choice for business or an educational facility.

The heavy-duty steel legs are adjustable from 30″ to 36″ height, so you can get the perfect height for your comfort and provide a perfectly level surface for your 3D printer to work correctly.

As with all BenchPro workbenches, the Complete Workbench comes with a 25-year unconditional warranty.

Viper Tool Storage 72″ Stainless Steel Work Table

The Viper Stainless Steel top work table is a high-quality workbench that is built to last.

The large 26″ x 72″ worktop is a good choice for industrial use, where the space to keep multiple printers and post-process parts is more critical.

The 304-grade stainless steel top will survive any abuse from daily use and provide you with an accurate working surface which is perfect for assembling parts and keeping your 3D printer level.


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