10 Flexi Animals to 3D Print


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10 Flexi Animals to 3D Print

Flexi animals are one of the most fun things you can 3D print. Not only are they cute and fun but they also do a good job of showing off one of the key benefits of 3D printing which is the ability to print movable joints without requiring any assembly. 

Flexi animals are perfect for your kids, they are fun to play with and they do not break easily. 

Almost all 3D printers are capable of printing these Flexi animals, just make sure your bed is level and you will get a nice articulating joint. Any material is suitable including standard PLA.

Read on and I’ll share some of the best Flexi animal models that you can print at home.

Flexi Unicorn and Horse

When it comes to toy animals for your kids, you can never miss out on horses and unicorns.  

Almost all of us have played with some kind of horse or unicorn toy when we were a kid. 

These 3D printed unicorns and horses are easy to print and you can print them quickly too. Print this toy for your kid and gift it, or even better get them to help you print it. I’m pretty sure that everyone will love it. 

Flexy Horse by Bench4Life

Download from Thingiverse

Butterfly Flexi Animal

Butterflies are beautiful and are loved by everybody. This particular butterfly design is very simple yet has an impressive look. 

This butterfly print would be a great gift. This design is very easy to print and available for free on Thingiverse. Also, the design might look dainty but it’s not too fragile.

3D printed flexi butterfly
Articulated Butterfly by 8ran

Download from Thingiverse

Flexi Dragon

Dragons have become all the rate these days, all thanks to Game of Thrones. 

Dragons have been a part of fantasy stories and D&D games for the longest time and the very popular series just made it even more prominent. 

If you are a Game of Thrones fan or you just want to own a dragon model then this one is perfect for you. 

The design looks very realistic and is flexible at the same time. The wings of the dragon are also Flexi and can be printed separately in a different color which makes the model even more attractive.

3d printed flexi dragon
Flexi Dragon by Benchy4Life

Download from Thingiverse

Giant Shark Flexi

When it comes to great sea creatures, a shark is the first one that comes to my mind. 

Sharks get a bad press but they’re a very beautiful fish. No flexi-animal collection would be complete without one! 

This particular shark model is very easy to print and quick too. The design is inspired by the articulating T-rex.

Print this model and gift it to the shark fancier in your family or add it to your own Flexi collection!

3d printed flexi shark


Cute 3D Printed Flexi Turtle

Turtles are one of the most loved sea animals. Many people love keeping turtles as pets in their home, it is believed to bring good luck to your family and home. 

If you are someone who is fond of turtles but cannot keep one in your home because of a strict landlord no pets policy then instead you can 3D print a 3D flexible turtle for yourself. 

The flexi-turtle is very easy to print, you can get the STL and all the information you need to print this Flexi model on Thingiverse. 

3d printed flexi turtle
Flexi Articulated Turtle by jtronics

Download from Thingiverse

Flexi 3D Kangaroo

The Kangaroo is an iconic shaped animal, famed for its incredible six-pack and ability to find lost boys down wells. 

This Flexi ‘roo is perfect as a gift for your little one. The model is about 80mm in size. 

The print may look flimsy, however, it is not at all and it can even stand up on its own. 

Also, you can attach a keyring and use it as a keychain. We are sure that everybody will be asking where you got it.

3d printed flexi kangaroo
Flexi Articulated Kangaroo by jtronics

Download the model from Thingiverse

Flexi Octopus Keychain

Octopuses are loved by many and baby octopus also look very cute. You can make your own flexible mini octopus keychain now with this model available for free on Thingiverse. 

The octopus keychain looks very cute and even better if you print using two different filaments to give it some stripey arms (do octopuses have arms?) like the example with two shades of blue.

3d printed flexi octopus
Cute Octopus Keychain by Polymathic

Download the model from Thingiverse

Flexi Hummingbird

The Hummingbird, as we know, is one of the smallest birds, it can hover and it makes a humming noise as its wings beat so fast, like a bee.

This particular hummingbird model is made using two different colors, blue and grey, but you can pick whichever colors you have. 

The color combination is extremely good and the flexible wings make the bird look even cuter. 

This Flexi hummingbird would be a great decorative piece for your home.

3d printed flexi hummingbird
Flexi Articulated Hummingbird by jtronics

Download from Thingiverse

Cute Flexible Cat

People can be divided into dog lovers and cat lovers, of course only one of those is the right side to be on. If you are a member of the second group, this particular 3D model is for you. 

This 3D printed flexible cat model is perfect for your Flexi collection. The cat looks very cute and has a very unique design at the same time. You can keep this 3D model in your showcase and attach a hook and hang it on your wall. Alternatively, just like other 3D models in this list, you can gift it to your loved ones. 

3d printed flexi cat


3D Flexi Dog

Here is a 3D flexible animal model for all the dog lovers out there. Just like the cat 3D model, this one is also easy to print and would be a perfect gift for your friend who loves dogs. The model is quite flexible and can be put into all sorts of funny poses. 

3d printed flexi dog


Design Your Own Flexi Animal

And finally, if these flexi-animals have inspired you, why not have a go at designing and making your own model. This Youtube video will teach you all need to know. 


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