10 Impressive Tabletop and Warhammer Miniature Figures to 3D Print


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In this article, I’m going to explore some of the most impressive Tabletop Miniature figures that you can download and 3D print.

There are some very talented figurine designers out there who share their models online, I’ll show you which designers to look out for and where you can get their models.

So, if you want to print your own mini-figures, read on!

Tabletop gaming is one of the most popular war games, and now many people are 3D printing their own figures and terrain to take their gaming to the next level.

In case you’re not familiar with Warhammer, it’s a term commonly used to describe the tabletop battle game in which case players play the commander role.

They may be different types of armies including courageous humans, savage orcs, noble elves, or any other creative designs of monstrous creatures.

Games in this category are appealing to all age groups and most people are drawn to them because of the strategy aspect as well as the creativity and artistry of making and painting your own miniatures.

There are also many variations in gameplay, and you can choose your style depending on what you want from your game. Just like many other games, Warhammer is guided by some rules which determine whether you take home a win.

Now I’ll show you 10 unique miniature figures that you can download and 3D Print. These miniatures all demonstrate just what is possible with 3D printing and hopefully will inspire you to get involved!

Remember that these figures are examples of the many characters in Warhammer gaming. You may have different tastes and preferences. You can choose from a wide range of other models to print but as you will see these ones are quite amazing.

How to 3D Print Gaming Miniatures

If you want to know what 3D printer you should get to print your own miniatures, check out my guide here. I also have a guide to getting the most from your 3D printer with tips and recommended settings for 3D printing miniatures.

Ossarnus the Sarcophagus Guardian

Ossarnus the Sarcophagus Guardian image


This is one of the finest works of the leading 3D sculptor known as Andrea Tarabella.

Ossarnus was a powerful lord who organized his army well helping it conquer every time. This lord is believed to have ascended into immortality after leading his army for many years in a forgotten era. He is one of the best figures to 3D print considering his majestic look!

The Celestial Guardian

Celestial Guardian image


This is a remarkable piece by Cast n Play. As you can see, it is a supreme and formidable figure that depicts strength and control.

These figures are endowed with wings and are heavily armed. You can see how sophisticated the piece looks and you’ll need your 3D printer to be set up very well to achieve all the detail but compared to making it any other way everything is easier with 3D printing.

Blade Guardian



This is an interesting but eerily scary piece by Zane Rodgers. It is a real showcase of the limitless nature of 3D printing with its delicate and intricate features. You can decide on some aspects including color and of course you can paint it.

Brute Zombie Miniature

Brute Zombie Miniature image


Sebastiano Di Grazia couldn’t believe it that he had developed this monstrous character! It is a “creature” that takes you out of this world for a while. It brandishes a powerful weapon and is also one of the best works of art to be ever produced with 3D printing.

Human Fighters Guild

Human Fighters Guild - 4 Modular + 2 Heroes image


This is another one of the finest works of Andrea Tarabella. As you can see, he is always focused on depicting the mighty nature of the fantasy world creatures. All these creatures are armed to the teeth and are also some of the best pieces you can do with 3D printing.

Hell Hath No Fury

Hell Hath No Fury - Full Pack - 70 ready to print STLs image


The Hell Hath No Fury set is one of the best value for money sets of miniature collections. Originally a popular crowd funder, this set offers unbeatable value with 70 detailed figures.

Shield Guardian

Shield Guardian image


This is a leading and a mighty piece by Vedran Marjanovic. This gifted designer has created a complex character from all aspects as you can see in the image. It might look a little bit complex looking at the many details and contours it would be a tricky model to sculpt, but it is not a big deal to create with 3D printing so it is sure to impress.

Dwarf Guardian Miniature

Dwarf Guardian Miniature image


This is a dwarf character that is heavily bearded can be more destructive than you can ever imagine! It was developed by Epics N stuff and it holds a hammer. It is also one of my favorite pieces to make with 3D printing.

Rock & Trolls

It seems that Andrea Tarabella is unstoppable when it comes to the development of the mightiest of creatures. This is another one of his works and you can miss out on the strength aspect depicted above.

Rock & Trolls - Bundle (Zukki&Rumpu) image


A very intriguing game developed by Obsession. Cerberus and Zamaa are ready for you and your team. You need to prove your strength and might to remain outstanding and it doesn’t come easy. These models are great examples to show just how far you can go with the complexity and detail of 3D printed miniatures.

Orc Barbarians

Orc Barbarians Set - 4 Modular + 2 Heroes image


This is a set of powerful Orc Barbarian characters that are quite heavily armed. It is a breathtaking set from the widely renowned artist Andrea Tarabella. It is also one of the best Warhammer miniatures you can 3D print.


I hope this article has inspired you to get printing or even better, open up a CAD program like TinkerCAD and start designing your own gaming minis!

If you don’t yet have your own 3D printer and this article has whet your appetite, check out my beginner’s guide to buying a 3D printer to help you choose a suitable model without breaking the bank.


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