11 Interior Decorations To 3D Print For Your Home


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Enhance Your Living Space With These 11 Interior Decorations

If you want to freshen up your home with some new interior decorating features then 3D printing can help you out! 

The great thing about 3D printing is you can download any of these models and adapt them to your home. So if you want something to be a little longer or a different pattern, you can make it happen. 

These ideas are just what you need when you want a quick and easy project that will make the most of your available time, and that’s just what this article is about! 

So, if whether you’ve just bought your 3D printer, or you’re a seasoned pro, these quick and easy to print projects will inspire you to get printing!

Gmax Twisted Ripple Vase/Bin

3d printed vase with twisted ripple effect shape
3D printed twisted ripple vase – Cults3D gCreate

These offset spiral vases are my personal favorite since they are very unique and enhance the beauty of your room. If you are into decorating your room and DIY projects, this particular model is the one for you. It’s scalable so you can make it as large or as small as you like. You can also stack some flowers, pencils or chopsticks in it and of course, you can make it any size you want, because, 3D printing! 

Don’t forget to engage ‘vase mode’ in your Slicing software for a smooth finish! 

Source: Cults3D

Letter Board

3D printed letterboard with letters spelling 'makers gonna make'
3D printed letterboard – Thingiverse FLOWALISTIK

Letterboards have become extremely popular recently as they add a little personality to your living or workspace. You can add motivational quotes or even use it as your to-do list. Bonus points for featuring it in the background of your Vlog or Instagram post! :p

Source: Thingiverse

Mountain Range Keyholder

3d printed keyholder in the shape of a mountain range
3D printed Mountain Range Keyholder – Cults3D Maker_at_heart

We cannot stress enough about the importance of a key holder. If you’ve ever spent half a day searching for your keys then you will understand! This 3D printed keyholder can be a great option for hanging keys and other small and useful items. You could even hang small clothing items as well.

Source: Cults3D

Textured Cylindrical Box

3d printed cylindrical textured box with oats inside
3D printed cylindrical textured box – Cults3D Syboulette

This attractive cylinder shaped box is both useful and decorative. You could use it for storing keep-sakes, daily items, or anything you can think of. It can readily be used as a kitchen container for storing various essentials. Always remember to use food-grade plastic if it will contact food. 

Pimp it – Make use of your slicer’s scaling command to create different sized containers that fit inside each other for storing away. 

Source: Cults3D

Heart-Shaped Jewelry Box

3d printed heart shaped box with rose engraving
3D printed heart-shaped box – Thingiverse TheGreatMrBill

Valentine’s Day might have come and gone but it doesn’t mean that you cannot gift anything to your loved ones. You can very easily print a jewelry box and make your beloved feel special. 

This jewelry box is a great mix of culture and modernity and it looks especially good when printed in a wood-fill filament and then sanded and varnished. 

Pimp it – add your loved one’s name or initials to make a truly unique gift. 

Source: Thingiverse

Organic Desk Tidy

3d printed organic shaped desk tidy
3D printed desk tidy – Cults3D BEEVERYCREATIVE

For all the students out there, a pen and pencil holder has great importance. Keeping a pen and pencil holder on your study table not only keeps your essentials handy but also makes your table look extremely neat and clean. You will find various interesting designs online for a 3D pen and pencil holder.

Pimp it – modify the slots to perfectly fit your stationery for the ultimate neat desk solution. 

Source: Cults3D

Geometrical Stacking Plant Holder

3d printed geometric stacking plant holder for succulents
3D printed geometric stackable planter – Cults3D printfutura

If you have green fingers and have recently bought a 3D printer, what could be more appropriate than printing a plant holder for your beloved succulents? This nesting plant holder when can be kept at any corner of your house to enhance the beauty of your place. Plants have been proven to help your mental well-being, so get printing!

Source: Cults3D

Self-Watering Planter

3d printed self-watering plant holder
3D printed self-watering planter – Thingiverse parrallelgoods

If you are looking for an easy DIY room decor idea, here is what should be in your list. This cool planter design is in two parts and is a sophisticated and tactile way to keep your plants alive. It helps to prevent any watering negligence as it has a separate water reservoir that you can top up and forget for a while. Of course, it also brings positive vibes to your room.

Source: Thingiverse

Amazon Echo Dot Wall Mount

3d printed amazon echo dot wall mount
3D printed Amazon Echo Dot Wall Mount – Thingiverse TinkeringT

If you are someone who is into technology this smart speaker holder will be a win-win scenario for you. You get to create a useful technological model using another technological gadget. Isn’t it cool? The Amazon Echo Dot is a personal assistant and has gained huge popularity very recently. By printing a mount for the device you will be able to securely fix it anywhere on your wall. 

Source: Thingiverse

Secret Shelf

3d printed shelf with secret compartment holding dollar bills
3D printed secret shelf – Cults3D WallTosh

We all have some items that we want to hide from our roommates/family/burglars. What can be more appropriate than 3D printing your very own secret shelf for your first project? It can be a very useful place for stashing valuable items and emergency cash as well.

Source: Cults3D

Beautiful Mesh Candle Holders

3d printed mesh candle holders
3D printed filigran Vonoroi candle holder – Thingiverse graph

Candles are very important for creating that certain ambiance, however, purchasing a beautiful candle holder can be very expensive. With your 3D printer, you can print a double-walled filigran Voronoi style candle holder for yourself for just a few pence. This can also be used as a beautiful decorative item in your home and is guaranteed to create relaxing/romantic vibes! Also, you can substitute the candle with an LED light for safety.

Source: Thingiverse

Quick Guide to 3D Printing

If you’re new to 3D printing, here’s a snappy guide that will get you on your way with minimal fuss. 

  • Browse: The very first step is to look for cool things that you want to print. Pick something from my article or use it as inspiration to go off and find something else. Most 3D print files found online are free. The most popular places to find free 3D prints is Thingiverse, MyMiniFactory, and Cults3D. 
  • Download: Once you are done with browsing the 3D models available online and have decided on a design for your project, it’s time for you to download the STL file of your chosen model. On sites like Thingiverse, this is simply a case of clicking download. Some other sites may ask you to sign up as a member first. 
  • Slice: Next, you must slice the STL file in order to prepare it for 3D printing. You can use a free open source slicer like Cura or whichever software came with your 3D printer. If you’re a beginner, you can use the default settings. 3D printing experts can tinker with settings like layer height, infill, and supports.
  • Convert: The very next step is to convert the STL file into GCODE, once you are done with the slicing step. Save the GCODE since you need to upload it to your 3D printer using a USB cable, via a network connection or an SD card. Now you are all ready to press print and start 3D printing!

Happy printing!


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