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The Anycubic Mega Zero 2.0 – One of the Best Value for Money 3D Printers?

Anycubic Mega Zero 2.0

Dylan Miller

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It’s very hard to criticize the new Anycubic Mega Zero. At this price, it’s a miracle they’ve managed to add in a heated bed. Regular readers will know I am a big fan of the original i3 Mega and so the Mega Zero is a welcome addition to the Anycubic family! If you’re looking for a first 3D printer you won’t go wrong in picking the Mega Zero 2.0.


I’ve been a fan of Anycubic since their i3 Mega landed on my desk a few years ago, with its then innovative ceramic coated print bed it quickly became one of my favorite 3D printers.

The Mega Zero 2.0 is an upgrade to the popular Zero model, this upgrade adds a heated bed with a removable magnetic design, removing the main limitation of the previous model. The Anycubic Mega Zero gives beginner creators the freedom to explore their creativity without having to invest a lot of money. The Anycubic Mega Zero is the main focus of this review. We will be looking at some of its features and specs to see if it is worth your consideration.


  • Printing Technology: Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)
  • Build Volume: 220 mm x 220 mm x 250 mm
  • Layer resolution: 0.1 mm
  • Positioning Accuracy: X/Y 0.0125 mm, Z 0.002 mm
  • Printing Speed: 20 – 100 mm/second
  • Nozzle Diameter: 0.4 mm
  • Maximum Extruder Temperature: 255 Degrees Celsius
  • Filament Diameter: 1.75 mm
  • Filament Type: PLA, TPU, HIPS
  • Heated Bed: Yes
  • Operational Print Bed Temperature: max 110°C
  • Connectivity: SD Card and Data Cable
  • Printer Size: 504 mm x 431 mm x 607 mm
  • Output rating: 24V/15A(360W)
  • Printer Weight: 7.0 Kilograms


The Anycubic Mega Zero is also loaded with some incredible features that are quite interesting considering the price. Here are some of them:

  • The Mega Zero 2.0 ships partly assembled. In fact, it only requires minor assembly to set it up for first-time use. This makes your work easier and relatively faster.
  • The printer also features a sturdy metal construction that should last for years. It also looks sleek and well-built.
  • The Mega Zero is fitted with a double gear extrusion system designed to deliver stronger torque and smooth extruding. This system also offers support for flexible TPU Filament.
  • You will also get a “Print resume” feature on the Mega Zero to ensure you don’t lose printing progress in case of sudden power outages.
  • The Y-axis also comes with a dual screw design that plays two roles. First, it makes assembly easy, and secondly, it helps to enhance printer stability and accuracy.
  • Large bed leveling knobs for easier adjustment
  • The Anycubic Mega Zero 2.0 also features an innovative high precision aluminum frame and a closed-loop design at the bottom that improves printer stability massively. This, in turn, helps to enhance accuracy.
  • The printer is powered by a reliable power supply system from some of the top state of the art brands in the world.
  • It also offers a relatively large build volume compared to other 3D printers in its category.
  • The Mega Zero 2.0 offers easy and quick assisted bed leveling that should be perfect for beginners.
  • The unit is also one of the most affordable 3D printers in the market, and looking at its features, it delivers superb value for money.


  • Large build volume that lets you print with versatility
  • Heated bed with removable magnetic surface
  • The printer is also well packed when it ships to minimize any damages in transit 
  • Ships partly assembled to save you time and effort in setting up
  • Sturdy metal construction that will last for a long time
  • Innovatively designed to deliver superb printer stability and print precision


  • Manual bed leveling
  • The stepper motor that feeds in the filament can be unreliable at times
  • You will need to level the bed before any new printing, which can be cumbersome for some people.

Unboxing and Box Contents

The Anycubic Mega Zero ships partly assembled. This means that you will get several large parts that need to be put together and a few cables to plug in—the printer ships in a sturdy brown box that is neatly sealed with tape. Inside the box, there is an additional plastic cover for extra protection and foam padding all around the box.

The printer ships in two main parts. The main one is the large printer base. You also get several aluminum beams, the control box, the X-module, and the power supply. The extrusion and Z-axis motors also ship separately, and there will be a motor clamp in there too. These are the main parts of your printer.

But there are additional accessories as well. For instance, Anycubic gives you a bag of tools to help you set up the printer, including a pair of pliers, screws, a scrapper, tweezers, screwdrivers, and several wrenches. A spool holder is also part of the mix, and you also get a power cord, a USB cable, and a MicroSD card reader.  Don’t also forget the detailed user manual from the manufacturer.

For people who purchase the printer from Anycubic’s main site, you get to choose whether you want the printer to ship with a spool of filament or not. You can choose a 1 kg, 2 kg, or 3 kgs worth of PLA filament. In honesty, you’re better off buying from a store of your preference and buying your filament separately so you can choose a brand and color of your choice.


As noted above, the Anycubic Mega Zero ships partly assembled. But this does not mean it’s ready to print straight out of the box. There is still some assembly needed. The first thing is to put together the printer apparatus. This would involve attaching the aluminum beams into place, installing the X module, the Z-motor lead, the control box, the power supply, and the spool holder.

The final setup step is to connect all the wires, which are color-coded to make this step easy. In fact, the whole assembly process is straightforward for two reasons. First, the instruction manuals provided are quite detailed and very easy to follow. Additionally, there is nothing technical about assembling the Anycubic Mega Zero. You have to know which parts go where and which wires go where.

The final step is to level the bed, this is made a bit easier in the 2.0 upgrade with the included large and therefore easier to adjust bed leveling knobs.


The Anycubic Mega Zero comes with its proprietary slicer from the manufacturer. The slicer is not bad at all. However, you can still use third party slicers if you want. At the time of writing, there is no specific CURA profile available for the Mega Zero. However, you can use the i3 Mega profile.

In Use

One surprising thing about the Anycubic Mega Zero is the great print quality I achieved. The printer has been innovatively designed to offer better stability and print precision. It’s no wonder the Mega Zero is gaining such a great reputation already. The printer is also quite fast compared to other units in its category.

We have also seen issues with print adherence. The problem is worse when you are printing under colder conditions due to the non-heated bed.

Customer Service 

Anycubic unfortunately falls short when it comes to customer support. Yes, the Mega Zero is one of those printers that rarely have issues. However, customers who contacted support for assistance didn’t seem to get much help. Fortunately, there is a pretty good community of Anycubic owners online, so your far better off looking for solution to problems on placed like Reddit rather than reaching out to Anycubic themselves


The Anycubic Mega Zero is an entry-level printer that offers a lot for its low price. The unit is well built, featuring a sturdy metal design and a sleek modern look. We also loved that it’s easy to assemble and delivers excellent print precision. You also get a print resume feature to guard against sudden power loss, assisted manual leveling, and most importantly, an extra-large build volume.

The only real problem with the Mega Zero 2.0 is the same as all budget ‘made in China’ 3D printers, and that is you may find some faults due to poor quality control.

However, when you look at the Anycubic Mega Zero as a whole, it is indeed a solid printer. Yes, there are some challenges, but they can easily be overcome. At the end of it all, this is a 3D printer that offers excellent print precision and a beginner-friendly design at a very low price.


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