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Introducing the Sindoh 3DWOX 1X – 3D Printing Just Got Easy!

Sindoh 3DWOX 1X

by Dylan Miller @io3dprint

Easy to Setup
Easy to Use
Print Quality
Value For Money


Sindoh pioneered the plug and play 3D printer and then brought out the 3DWOX 1 which fixed every problem that critics had thrown at it! This latest model, the 3DWOX 1X, takes the easy to use platform, open filament capability, flexible print bed, and HEPA filtration and adds an increased print volume. Do I want this 3D printer? Yes please!



I’ve been beating the drum for Sindoh 3D printers since their first model. This new 3DWOX 1X is a small change to the existing 3DWOX 1 model, but is done in a clever way, as you would expect from Sindoh. It gives us a 3D printer with a fairly significant increase in print volume, while the footprint of the printer only increases a little!

Sindoh specializes in incredibly easy to use 3D printers that require no setup or maintenance. The Sindoh family are the first truly plug and play 3D printers where you are just a button press from 3D printing.

This new model carries over all the features that made the 1X such a revolution – such as a HEPA filter and a flexible print bed, and perhaps most significantly the ability to use open-source filament.


  • Resolution: 50 microns
  • Volume: 8.9 x 7.9 x 11.8 in
  • Filament: 1.75 mm ABS, PLA, PETG, ASA, and others (open material)
  • Weight: 23kg
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, USB, and Ethernet.


Plug & Play Ease of Use

The 3DWOX 1X’s main selling point is that it is a plug and play 3D printer. This means that when you take delivery, you have very little to do other than plug it in and load a filament cartridge. This is in stark contrast to most 3D printers on the market that require at least a few hours of assembly and tinkering before you get your first successful print.

Each time you need to load filament, you simply insert a new cartridge, just like you would with an ink printer. This is a great time and hassle saver compared to the more common method of cutting the filament and threading it through a small hole and feeding the extruder.

The main upgrade over the older Sindoh models is the ability to print using any brand of filament.

Alexa Voice Control & Voice Guidance

This is one of the most unexpected and innovative features on the latest Sindoh 3D printers.

I do most of my 3D printing via cloud control software that talks to my 3D printers via Wi-fi. So making use of smart speakers to control your 3D printer makes perfect sense.

Alexa and other smart speakers are set to be the tool of the future in 3D printing. They will enable users to leverage voice controls to command the printer even from a distance. For instance, you can halt the printer, check how much time is left and even select a particular setting with voice control. You will only need to design the models, and Alexa and your Sindoh 3DWOX 1X will do the rest!

All this futuristic technology combines perfectly with the addition of voice guidance, so instead of a bleep to announce something important, a softly spoken voice notifies you that ‘Print Completed’!

Open to All Material Brands

Unlike many other 3D printer models that are plug and play, you will find 3DWOX 1X printer comes with an open material system which means it can use any filament from different third-party brands. The only requirement is that the filament should be 1.75mm diameter, which is the standard for most 3d printers.  

So, if you want to use your favorite brand of filament, or use up your current collection, the 3DWOX 1 will let you do just that.

Sindoh also recommends certain brands of filament that they have tested so you can be sure you will get the best results.

If you use 3DWOX’s brand filament then you will be able to take advantage of a few useful features that are made available by the inclusion of a small chip built-in to each new filament cartridge.

Filament Smart Chip

This chip tells the printer which filament you are using and so automatically applies the optimum settings without you having to press a single button. 

It also keeps track of how much filament you have used and can notify you when you’re about to run out so you can re-load the filament before resuming the printing process.

Semi-Automatic Bed Leveling

Bed leveling is one of the most important variables you need to get right to ensure your prints are successful.

The assisted bed–leveling system of the 3DWOX 1X printer is similar to the method used successfully on the two previous models by Sindoh.

The printer automatically measures the height of each corner of the print bed and then gives you instructions on how much to turn each thumbscrew adjuster on the color LCD display.

HEPA Filter

There are very few 3D printers on the market that incorporate a filter, so a built-in HEPA filter is a welcome addition. 3D printing creates some smell and dust, and so I always recommend you use some sort of filtration system when 3D printing in your family home.

On the 3DWOX 1X, the HEPA filter is built-in to the case forcing all air-flow from the onboard cooling fans to exit through it. This captures any dust and small particles that may be created during printing.

The print bed on the 3DWOX 1 is a great combination of heated metal technology and flexible coating. These two features combined give you excellent adhesion for all materials but it’s also super easy to remove your finished prints.

Flexible Removable Heated Bed

You can remove the bed from the printer for easy access and then bend it until your print snaps off. The coating on the bed doesn’t require any adhesives to make your print stick, so there’s no messing around with glue sticks or hairspray like you need on traditional glass or uncoated metal beds.

Features Summary

Sindoh has done a great job of building on the successful foundation of their previous models. The main criticism of older models has been solved, with completely open filament compatibility.

Combine this with some other welcome additional features that make the 3DWOX 1 continue to set a high benchmark for home and lab ready 3D printers.

Unboxing & Box Contents

The best thing about 3DWOX 1X 3D printer design is that the process of setting it up is really very easy. Even if you are new to 3D printing or completely tech illiterate, you will be able to get set up and start printing quickly and easily.

From unboxing you will go through the complete initial setup step in less than 15 minutes. Everything comes up with this 3D printer model in a pre-assembled form.

The 3DWOX 1 comes with a quick start-up guide, a roll of filament and a USB stick which is pre-installed with all the required software.

So, getting your first project underway with an easy setup is a big advantage with this printer. As it comes up with assisted bed-leveling, the initial calibration is straightforward. You will find all the instructions right on the touch-screen. All you need to do is follow the directions given to turn the thumbscrews (for example 0.4 turns), and the print bed will be level within a few minutes.

Another good thing about the 3DWOX 1’s setup is that the process of loading filament is very easy and straightforward. The filament loading system is fully automatic using a filament cartridge system.

You should be aware that this feature works only with the filaments provided by Sindoh itself. So if you are using the filament from any third party, you need to add the filament into the cartridge feeder manually and select the open filament mode on the touch screen.

It is not essential to use the cartridge if you are using filaments other than Sindoh filaments. Loading the spool into the internal spool holder is fine without the use of the cartridge. On closing the front door, you can fit reels on the internal spool holder with a width of less than 67mm and with a diameter less than 231mm. If you want to use a larger filament spool then you can use an external spool holder without any issues.

In summary, the interface and setup of the 3DWOX 1X 3d printer are very friendly and easy to understand. Even if you have no prior experience of handling 3D printers before, it will take you no more than 30 minutes to get set up and ready to print your first project.


The 3DWOX 1X like all other Sindoh models, uses Sindoh’s 3DWOX Desktop software and uniquely to this latest model you are also given a 3DWOX mobile app which allows you to monitor and control your 3d printer from your smartphone.

The mobile app integrates well with the built-in LED lighting and webcam to allow you to keep an eye on the progress of your print wherever you are.

There are a number of options available for print preparation with this 3D printer. If you are a student or beginner, 3DWOX slicer is really enough for most uses. However, for professionals, the use of the 3DWOX slicer is limited compared to programs such as CURA or Simplify3D.

As mentioned earlier, the setup of the Sindoh 3DWOX 1X 3D printer is really friendly, and this counts a lot in the overall performance of the machine. 3D models produced using ABS and PLA filaments by this printer are very detailed, smooth and consistent.

Performance and Usability

With a maximum resolution of 50 microns and a nozzle diameter of 0.4mm, it can print designs of high resolutions and detail such as tabletop minis.

If you want to see the best results, it is a good idea to use Sindoh filaments, but there’s no reason for it not to work well with other good quality third-party filaments too.

3DWOX 1X 3D printer’s build plate is known to have excellent adhesion. Due to this, there is really no need to use glue or hairspray for sticking the first layer. Also, due to the flexibility of its metallic design, your 3D printed parts come off the surface just by bending the build plate. You will not find such a well functioning print bed elsewhere.

Another useful feature of the 3DWOX 1X is that it does not require re-leveling very often, due to the high-quality design and components used in its manufacture it can stay level for a long time. So, even if you are printing a lot of items, you will only need to carry out bed leveling a few times in a month.

With an excellent printing speed, top of the class reliability, and high-resolution printing, this printer has powerful features as it combines both DP200 and DP201 specifications and adds some welcome improvements.

Customer Service

One of the best features of the Sindoh range of 3d printers is their supreme reliability, and so you are unlikely to need to take advantage of their customer service very often. Thankfully if you do ever need help, you are unlikely to find any issues with customer support.

Sindoh is not a new company, and this shows in their handling of customer service. Owners of Sindoh 3D printers report them to be helpful and quick to respond when required. Their website is well-designed, with pdf, knowledgebase, and video help all easy to find.

Pros & Cons


  • Setup is easy – plug and play
  • Open material system.
  • Flexible, heated, and removable print bed
  • Remote print monitoring
  • Filament runout sensor
  • Very good print bed adhesion
  • HEPA filter
  • Quiet operation


  • Camera position cannot be changed
  • Not a good choice for tinkerers


I’ve been a long-term fan of Sindoh’s 3D printers. One of the main aims of this website is to show everyone how accessible and easy 3D printing has become and the Sindoh models excel at making 3D printing easy and accessible.

Sindoh already has two of the best plug and play 3D printers in their line-up. This latest model takes everything that makes these 3D printers tremendous and adds the much-requested open filament capability, an upgraded print bed, and HEPA filtration.

If you’re in the market for a completely hassle-free, reliable 3D printer that will work perfectly right out of the box, then it’s hard to think of any model that can beat the Sindoh 3DWOX 1X.


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