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Ten Desk Organizer Models to 3D Print


This article will explore ten excellent 3D printed desktop organizer designs that will help you take your desktop organization to another level. 3D printing technology has enabled us to become better organized at home and in the workplace. Your desktop sets the tone and will influence your productivity levels at work. Surveys have shown that people can lose at least an hour a day due to disorganization! These 3D desktop organizers will help you to become more organized and productive at work.

Parallel Box Desktop Organizer

This is the remarkable work of Hugop. This desktop organizer offers the ultimate level of organization with its many compartments. The compartments allow you to store essential things in a more effective way. Some of the things that you can store are scissors, screwdrivers, USB cardholders, and even a shallow bowl. The best thing about this organizer is you can find objects pretty quickly, and it will save you a lot of time. When turned upside down, it amazingly transforms into a multi-compartment holder. It is a classic example of the splendor of 3D technology.

Desktop Organizer

This is another exciting creation by Robertwallace. This desktop organizer allows you to organize multiple pieces of stationery like envelopes, post-it notes as well as pens, scissors, paperclips, etc. It will definitely make your life easier as everything you need will be at your fingertips.

Phone Dock/Pen Holder

This phone dock/organizer was designed by Proto3000, a popular figure in the 3D printing world. The design is sleek as there are compartments to hold your pens, a notepad as well as your mobile phone. This piece is particularly useful for people taking a lot of calls at work. The handy design ensures that everything is within reach when you may want to note down something important quickly. This phone dock is all about a better organization to make your working life easier.

Desktop Organizer (Customizable)

The designer behind this creation is Bayramov. It is evident by looking at this lightweight desktop organizer that he had people’s organizational needs in mind. Some of the items you can store here include pencils, cards, smartphones, and any other stationery you use on a day to day basis.

Multi-Purpose and Multi-Tool Desktop Organizer

This desktop organizer was developed by BOOMSTICK. As you can see, the dimensions have been thoughtfully designed. You can store a range of different sized objects in this organizer like pocket screwdrivers drivers, pens, rulers, and calipers. The walls are quite thick, which makes it more sturdy and robust.

Cube-RT (Rotating Tower Desk Organizer)

This unique organizational tool is by PocketCone, and it is bound to look beautiful on any desk. This cube desk organizer can be easily opened or closed by simply rotating any of the three top cubes to the right. There are five different shapes for the storage of different things of varying sizes. The bottom middle compartment is specifically designed for larger storage. It conveniently has two swinging doors and a sliding drawer for easy access.

The most desirable feature of this desktop organizer is it reduces desk clutter as when it returns to its default position, it conveniently hides the items inside the cube.

Art Station Organizer

This organizer was designed by slaterbbx. It is very useful for artists as it is capable of holding various art items like pencils, paintbrushes, and various odds and ends they regularly use. The design includes three floors with different sized compartments. You also have the choice of printing it out in your favorite color.

Desktop Organizer

This is one of the best works of neptunets. As you can see, it provides a great deal of storage space for all your stationery needs. There are several useful compartments of various sizes and dimensions, so you can have everything you need in this desktop organizer. For people who want a more organized desk, this is a perfect choice.

Z-shaped Desktop Tool Holder

This distinct Z-shape desktop tool holder makes it one of the most distinguished desktop storage tools. The creator of this masterpiece is kjudom. You have the freedom to choose what you would like to store in this organizer, as long as it is the right size for the compartments. You can also decide on the color, and that is one of the benefits that 3D printing technology offers.

Swiss Bottle Spade

This leading design by shivinteger is a real showcase of the beauty of 3D printing technology and demonstrate its capabilities are limitless. You can achieve absolutely anything with it. This design is all about simplifying storage and organizing your belongings to make life easier.

This article has explored ten very unique and practical desktop organizers, which will help you to become more organized and efficient in the workplace. The success of your desk organizer models depends on the quality of the 3D printer and the resources you use. To achieve similarly superb results, you need to invest your resources in the best quality 3D products and materials.

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  1. I have been wanting to start a 3D printing business where I combine 3D printing and surfing and make 3D printed fins, my printer is only capable of printing PLA and ABS and I was wondering which one would be better for durability.

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Tyler,

      ABS would definitely be the best choice for durability. It is very tough and will easily withstand some rough treatment if you make it thick enough. It will also be less affected by UV and water compared to PLA.

      Best of luck with your new business, it sounds like a great idea!


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