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10 Star Trek Models to 3D Print


There is a wide variety of Star Trek models available to 3D print. From realistic props to accurate scale models, you’re sure to find something that you’ll want to print.

This is a list of ten such models that showcase the range of what’s possible on a 3D printer. From small props that require little skill or time, up to sizeable detailed scale models that need you to calibrate your printer finely.

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Star Trek Rifle Type 3

3D Printed Star Trek Rifle


Oleg Khmarnyi did an outstanding job designing this model. If you love Star Trek movies, then I’m sure you’re familiar with this type of weapon. This multi-part print can be printed on most printers without issue and then assembled to create the final rifle model.

Star Trek USS Enterprise Ultimate Collection

3d printed star trek enterprise


This is a fantastic and complete collection by a designer known as Solid Alexei. To create these starship Enterprise models to scale involves a proper calculation of accurate dimensions. You’ll need a well-calibrated printer to make the most of these models, but your patience will be rewarded with some precise and detailed Star Trek models!  

Phaser Pistol

3D Printed Star Trek Phaser


This is an accurate model of the phaser seen in Star Trek Discovery. This model is by 3DTechDesign, and they have other precise replicas of Star Trek weapons. This phaser is based on the Star Trek original series type 2 design and even features a detachable type 1 phaser on top.


3D printed star trek hypospray


This accurate Star Trek Hypospray model is the work of USSDiscoveryTB, and it’s an excellent example of an easy Star Trek prop to 3D print. The Hypospray was seen on many episodes of Star Trek, where Doctors such as Dr. Crusher use it to administer medication intravenously without using an injection.

Star Trek Rank Pips


How will anyone know your Starship rank if you aren’t displaying your pips! From petty officer (one pip, outline only) to captain (four solid pips), you can easily 3D print the pips for whichever ranks you need. This is the ultimate simple, but effective 3D printed prop.

The victory I-class Star Destroyer


This is one of the most beautiful works of dantesgift, and as you can see, it is a highly accurate 3D model with all the detail of the original vehicle.

Star Trek Ascendancy Organizer


This is an excellent piece by kylemaxwell, and one of its most distinguishable attributes bare the card holding areas. Check out the Borg, and you will notice a tray designed for the role. The good thing is that you can make customizations depending on your needs. It is a great 3D printing creation and is achievable on most 3D printers.

Star Trek Isolinear Chip Holder


This collection of chips is used for storing masses of data and first appeared in Star Trek, the Next Generation. This model is the work of a designer called Bohrdasaplanck. The chips are created by cutting 3mm thick acrylic in a color of your choosing. The engravings need to stand out, and you could, for instance, give them a silver color. The chip holders are essential for holding the chips in place and can be 3D printed with ease.

Star Trek Starship Parts Kit Expansion: FASA Trek Ships


The creator of this model is CaptainMojo, and I hope that name rings a bell for you! That is because this designer is the name behind a great deal of the most amazing pieces. Older Star Trek fans may remember the FASA Star Trek RPG on which this model is based.


Thank you for reading to the end! I hope this list has inspired you to get 3D printing some Star Trek models and props! As you can see, there’s a wide variety of models available, so if nothing here whets your appetite, there’s sure to be something on Thingiverse that will.

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